Fashion Thoughts for Today

With the arrival of the Memorial Day weekend (and the unofficial start of summer), I am really feeling the color palettes  that are available in stores right now.  It just adds to the whole summer time vibe.  Now, I’ll admit, I’ve never really been a big color person in the past but there is something about the vibrant colors now available that I am really feeling.  I love it!!  Granted it does take me back to the 80’s and Junior High School for a second (Tears for Fears anyone) but that’s ok….  It’s the modern twist on it that makes it great.  So, yes,  I have absolutely gone color crazy.  And there is nothing that can make you feel more like summer than the great yellows, bright pinks and the other cool colors practically everywhere right now.

So, even if you haven’t gone color block crazy, now is the perfect time to add some color to your wardrobe.  There are so many options.  A good choice is to start with a basic accessory, like a statement necklace or belt or a purse or shoes.  Start with that accessory and build from there.  And don’t be afraid to mix colors that typically would not go together – that’s the point.  Pinks with yellows.  Funky blues with pinks.  It’s the contrast that makes it great.  And even if your not quite ready for that — take a basic color, like black or white and add the pop of color to that.  In no time, you’ll be a pro.  Gosh, I’ve got bright yellow skirts, orange pants, hot pink dresses.  Add another color to them via an accessory and you’ve got it!

I have a mild example above….  more primary color mixing but I think you get the point.  (And please excuse my photo sharing and taking ability — I’m still figuring out the best way to share my ideas in a way that translates well).  I’ll share more of my thoughts (and examples) on color blocking for the summer in future blogs.  Good Luck!  (And more to come on my blazer project — hopefully in my next post).


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