The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Well, this is my 2nd attempt at blogging from the beach. What I’m learning is… There are definite challenges to blogging from the iPad WordPress app. For instance, there isn’t an easy way to save a draft. So, despite me working on my blog entry all day – one silly slip up – and $#!? – I lost it all! Ugh. That’s the bad news… The good news is – I’m on vacation!

So, technology challenges aside, my first few days at the beach have been pretty awesome. The weather has been a little overcast, but that’s ok, because it’s not super hot and there’s been an extra breeze, which is great. And the forecast for the rest of the week is nothing but sunshine! Regardless of weather though, it’s just peaceful. There is something about the sound of ocean, the crashing of the waves… that’s calming – soothing. This is one of my favorite places.

I’ve spent most of my time by the pool or sitting on the beach: reading, listening to music and people watching (one of my favorite things to do). No trip to the beach (or anywhere really) is complete without a good dose of people watching. It’s just so entertaining.

The Good


I’m loving all of the neon brights, vibrant stripes and colorful accessories. From bathing suits, to cover ups, to hats, to beach towels, umbrellas and chairs. It’s just festive! And I love it! I have a couple of bright tankinis (pink/green and green/yellow) that I’ve been sporting and this awesome pink floppy hat (by D&Y)!

20120627-093634.jpg Hats tend to rule for me at the beach (I packed 5 for goodness sake). And they are perfect for an evening out after a full day at the beach. The fedora is my absolute go to! (Fedora from Target)



The Bad – The Ugly

That said, I guess you have to take the good with the bad. There will always be those that push the fashion limits. And for some reason, you find that even more so at the beach. But, you know, I don’t know if that’s such a bad thing. I mean, there will always be the guy in the European style speedos, there will always be the guy who looks like he’s wearing a fur coat on his back and of course you know there will ALWAYS be metal detector guy. And yes, maybe they tend to fall into our fashion “don’ts” category but, the truth is, people at the beach are much more comfortable with who they are and more accepting of others. So, maybe, in the end, it’s really not such a bad thing. Maybe in the end, everyday should be a beach day…. The good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Well, I’m at the midpoint of my trip. I have yet to do any real shopping so that my next major task. More to come in a few days…. Happy Hump Day!


Beach Bound…

Well, I am officially on vacation!!  And believe you me, it is much needed.  But no rest just yet —  I’ve been running around like crazy for the last few hours trying to get everything ready.  In fact, I am actually taking a break right now from my last minute packing frenzy (of course…) just to blog.

So a couple of quick updates…. 1st off, I just  purchased my 1st SLR camera – a red Nikon D3100!  I love it!!  I mean – it’s red for goodness sake!!  How cool is that?  So, I’ve mentioned before that taking photos is not an easy task for me, it just doesn’t come naturally — and of course, taking them with an outdated Cybershot or the trusty iPhone just hasn’t seemed to work out too well.  So, I did my research and committed to the D3100.  It seems like an awesome camera so far and I am eager to post future blogs with photos from it.  And perfect timing — I should have plenty of scenery at the beach — so I’ll have plenty of time to practice.

2nd, I am meeting with a local sewing contractor tomorrow morning to kick off my jacket design project!!  I’m  just so excited about it — but I’ll be honest — a little nervous too.  She seems great,  has a great portfolio, and solid experience doing runs for small companies and start-ups.  So, it feels right but we’ll see how it goes after this initial consultation.  I’m going with the navy wide pinstripe fabric and pink plaid pattern combo for the 1st blazer.  Wish me luck!

And of course, I could not close out the week without sharing my latest favorite fashion ensemble.  I’ve always been a fan of the jumpsuit.  It’s such as simple concept – classic yet chic.  So, when I found this one at Ann Taylor Loft — I couldn’t pass it up.  Now, for me, the key to a great jumpsuit is to cinch the waist, so I added one of my favorite belts to it.  And you know, I couldn’t help but feel a little Farrah Fawcett/Charlie’s Angels in this!!  You just feel sexy.  So, there you go….  Loved it.

What I am Wearing: Ann Taylor Loft Jumpsuit, BCBG Sandals, B-Low the Belt Braided Hip Belt, Versona Accessories Necklace

Happy Weekend everyone — Next blog – From the beach!!!!

Summer Heat

I think I may be in love.  I mean falling really hard.  You know that love that just completely consumes you?  You can’t think about anything else?  Whelp…  Yep, that’s me.  I am officially in love with summer this year.  It’s like I am experiencing it for the 1st time.  Could it be because of my current color fetish?  Maybe…  I don’t know.  I mean, I’ve lived in the south my entire life.  And summers are always crazy because it’s humid and muggy and just plain hot.  Hair is a nightmare – fashion is just being cool – but this year – it’s different.  It has to be the colors.  How could color change your entire perspective?  Right in the middle of summer’s stride – 90 degrees – every day.  And I love it.  Actually enjoy the heat.  Hmmm… weird how something seemingly small can change your view of an entire season!

Well, anyway here is my latest…. a work outfit —  J Crew Dress, Coach Sandals and J Crew Necklace.   I know, I know…  a little matchy-matchy right?  Such a fashion no-no!  But I could not resist.  I’ve already told you how colors just infiltrate my subconscious mind sometimes.  I already had the dress.   I bought the sandals a few weeks later without even realizing that I would be co-ORD-inating the two!   Anyway, I love these two together!   And coral is such an awesome color!

My Maxxinista Shopping Trip

Everyone that really knows me knows that I have an obsession with shoes. I mean an all out obsession! It is near impossible for me to go into a store and not make a stop in the shoe department. I just have a fascination and love for them. So, of course, during my recent Maxxinista Shopping trip, I saw these and fell in love.

As you can see,  I am still on my color kick. And how could I not be? These are so cute. And they are yet another way to add that pop to your wardrobe. Now, the “pop” here is more from the pattern itself than the colors. I love this patterned heel. Don’t get me wrong, the colors are great – very rich – very royal and not too overwhelming but it is the pattern of the heel that stands out for me. And the shoes are so versatile — sundress, shorts, jeans. So many options.

But, believe it or not, I actually left these shoes in the store! What was I thinking?!  Maybe in a rare moment of confusion, I thought I did not need any more shoes.  Sheer madness.  Clearly, I’ll be making a trip back to the store tomorrow!  *(Madden Girl only $39.99 at TJ Maxx)*

Oh and by the way… a quick update on my jacket project. I am meeting with my seamstress next weekend to start working on my design! So excited. More to come…

My New Favorite (Summertime) Color – Yellow!

Okay, so one thing has become very apparent to me as a part of this whole blogging thing.  Taking photos, either of things or of yourself, is not an easy thing to do.  Now, I’m not sure why I thought that it was before or what specifically about blogging that helped me figure that out, but it’s the truth.  I’ve always thought I was pretty good at taking photos but wow… there is just something about knowing that you have to take a good photo.  The pressure.  So, I definitely have a much higher appreciation for photographers and for models.  You guys rock…

That said, I really wanted to share (photos of) my new favorite ensemble.  And yes, it includes yellow.  I don’t know….  there has been something weird going on lately.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never really been a big color person.  But oh my… have I lost my mind this year.  Who is this person?  Corals, blues and greens – bright pinks.  I just can’t stop with the colors.  I can’t help myself.  But there is one color in particular that just keeps calling my name.  YELLOW.  I actually think I am having a love affair with this color.  I am seriously just gravitating to the color – almost subconsciously.  And I love it!  I mean think about it.  Yellow is pretty cool.  It just exudes happy doesn’t it?  I promise if you put on yellow, you will immediately feel like summer time.  And you’ll probably want to see some beautiful Caribbean waters and have a nice cool drink — probably with an umbrella in it.

Anyway, this time — it’s yellow shorts.  I love these!  As soon as I saw them online (Ann Taylor Loft), I had to have them.  They are just so cute.  Now, I wanted to dress these up a bit, so of course I immediately thought about a short sleeve blazer!  So, I grabbed one from the closet and added a kinda glam rocker tee and there you go.  I like this look because it’s casual but still chic.  It’s perfect for a day or night out with the girls (which is exactly what I was planning to do!)

What I’m wearing: J Crew Blazer, Hurley Tee, Loft Shorts, Lauren Merkin Clutch, Miz Mooz Shoes

It’s All About the Fabric…

Ok, so I’m excited…  first off, I think I may have found a seamstress who can help me bring a sample (or 2) of my design sketches to life!  This is big!  Of course, I still need to work through the details but it seems promising.  This is the piece that I have been most concerned about.  For some reason, it’s been really hard to find seamstresses in the area.  I mean really hard!!  I’ve had my fabric choices locked for weeks — but the thing that has been taking all of the time is searching for a good seamstress who could take this project on.  I’ll keep you posted on how this works out (of course) but I think I may have found just the right person to do it.  *huge sigh of relief*

Now, drum roll please… time to share my fabric selections:

My first choice is a nice wool blend — black and white pin stripe.  Very classic – very simple.  Now, add the geometric shape print as the interior lining and to the cuff.  I don’t know, there was just something about this geo print that jumped out at me.  I had to have it.  It’s structured but feels a little chaotic too!  Weird!  But, that’s what I love — the whole the idea of the contrasting patterns.

My second choice is a gray wool blend fabric.  With this one, I wanted to add a splash of color with the interior lining print.  I’m also planning to use the dull side of the print  — the texture and color is more muted.  It helps adds character and personality without being overwhelming.

My final choice is probably my favorite: a navy – wide pinstripe wool blend and a fab pink plaid print for the interior lining.  I somewhat have a love/hate relationship with this print!  But I think that is why it is my favorite!  My plan with this one is the same –use the dull side of the print.  Hopefully with this photo, you get my concept of the print lining as the cuff a little better (and like it).

What do you think?

The Big Reveal…. My First Design

All of this really started because I was looking for a good short sleeved blazer in the stores but could never find one.  And I mean never!  Now, I don’t know about you but I struggled with that.  How hard could it be to find a short sleeved blazer?  Fairly simple fashion concept, right?  Well… it’s near impossible to find.  I literally searched everywhere… for months… all of my favorite retailers and every Google search possible.  Nothing!   And that’s when it kinda came to me…  I had tons of blazers from my work wardrobe that were just hanging in my closet collecting dust.  So, I took one my favorite blazers and *huge gasp* — cut off the sleeves!  Yep, cut them right off!!  I created a cuff that exposed a cool interior lining pattern and that was it.  And the wild thing about it…  people loved it!!  So, of course, I kept doing it (with seamstress help after that).  And before long, I realized that maybe instead of looking for the blazers in stores — maybe I should just create my own!!

I mean, a blazer is a great fashion staple!  It can really be your go to item for a variety of occasions and events.  I truly believe there is nothing more chic than a sexy blazer, a t-shirt or tank and a great pair of jeans.  But in the summer, it’s so hard to do and not be unbearably hot.  That’s why you see most people just pushing up their blazer sleeves…  but a short sleeved blazer is the perfect answer for that — the best of both worlds.  Sundresses and maxi dresses are great but sometimes you just want to have that urban chic/rocker look and a short sleeve blazer can do that for you!!

I don’t know…  maybe I am completely off it with this.  I still don’t get why they aren’t being made.  But, I think it’s hot and have decided to try to make my ideas come to life.  So, here it is…. my first design sketch.  More to come in future posts (I still plan to share photos of my fabrics for instance) but what do you think for now?