The Big Reveal…. My First Design

All of this really started because I was looking for a good short sleeved blazer in the stores but could never find one.  And I mean never!  Now, I don’t know about you but I struggled with that.  How hard could it be to find a short sleeved blazer?  Fairly simple fashion concept, right?  Well… it’s near impossible to find.  I literally searched everywhere… for months… all of my favorite retailers and every Google search possible.  Nothing!   And that’s when it kinda came to me…  I had tons of blazers from my work wardrobe that were just hanging in my closet collecting dust.  So, I took one my favorite blazers and *huge gasp* — cut off the sleeves!  Yep, cut them right off!!  I created a cuff that exposed a cool interior lining pattern and that was it.  And the wild thing about it…  people loved it!!  So, of course, I kept doing it (with seamstress help after that).  And before long, I realized that maybe instead of looking for the blazers in stores — maybe I should just create my own!!

I mean, a blazer is a great fashion staple!  It can really be your go to item for a variety of occasions and events.  I truly believe there is nothing more chic than a sexy blazer, a t-shirt or tank and a great pair of jeans.  But in the summer, it’s so hard to do and not be unbearably hot.  That’s why you see most people just pushing up their blazer sleeves…  but a short sleeved blazer is the perfect answer for that — the best of both worlds.  Sundresses and maxi dresses are great but sometimes you just want to have that urban chic/rocker look and a short sleeve blazer can do that for you!!

I don’t know…  maybe I am completely off it with this.  I still don’t get why they aren’t being made.  But, I think it’s hot and have decided to try to make my ideas come to life.  So, here it is…. my first design sketch.  More to come in future posts (I still plan to share photos of my fabrics for instance) but what do you think for now?


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