It’s All About the Fabric…

Ok, so I’m excited…  first off, I think I may have found a seamstress who can help me bring a sample (or 2) of my design sketches to life!  This is big!  Of course, I still need to work through the details but it seems promising.  This is the piece that I have been most concerned about.  For some reason, it’s been really hard to find seamstresses in the area.  I mean really hard!!  I’ve had my fabric choices locked for weeks — but the thing that has been taking all of the time is searching for a good seamstress who could take this project on.  I’ll keep you posted on how this works out (of course) but I think I may have found just the right person to do it.  *huge sigh of relief*

Now, drum roll please… time to share my fabric selections:

My first choice is a nice wool blend — black and white pin stripe.  Very classic – very simple.  Now, add the geometric shape print as the interior lining and to the cuff.  I don’t know, there was just something about this geo print that jumped out at me.  I had to have it.  It’s structured but feels a little chaotic too!  Weird!  But, that’s what I love — the whole the idea of the contrasting patterns.

My second choice is a gray wool blend fabric.  With this one, I wanted to add a splash of color with the interior lining print.  I’m also planning to use the dull side of the print  — the texture and color is more muted.  It helps adds character and personality without being overwhelming.

My final choice is probably my favorite: a navy – wide pinstripe wool blend and a fab pink plaid print for the interior lining.  I somewhat have a love/hate relationship with this print!  But I think that is why it is my favorite!  My plan with this one is the same –use the dull side of the print.  Hopefully with this photo, you get my concept of the print lining as the cuff a little better (and like it).

What do you think?


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