My New Favorite (Summertime) Color – Yellow!

Okay, so one thing has become very apparent to me as a part of this whole blogging thing.  Taking photos, either of things or of yourself, is not an easy thing to do.  Now, I’m not sure why I thought that it was before or what specifically about blogging that helped me figure that out, but it’s the truth.  I’ve always thought I was pretty good at taking photos but wow… there is just something about knowing that you have to take a good photo.  The pressure.  So, I definitely have a much higher appreciation for photographers and for models.  You guys rock…

That said, I really wanted to share (photos of) my new favorite ensemble.  And yes, it includes yellow.  I don’t know….  there has been something weird going on lately.  I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never really been a big color person.  But oh my… have I lost my mind this year.  Who is this person?  Corals, blues and greens – bright pinks.  I just can’t stop with the colors.  I can’t help myself.  But there is one color in particular that just keeps calling my name.  YELLOW.  I actually think I am having a love affair with this color.  I am seriously just gravitating to the color – almost subconsciously.  And I love it!  I mean think about it.  Yellow is pretty cool.  It just exudes happy doesn’t it?  I promise if you put on yellow, you will immediately feel like summer time.  And you’ll probably want to see some beautiful Caribbean waters and have a nice cool drink — probably with an umbrella in it.

Anyway, this time — it’s yellow shorts.  I love these!  As soon as I saw them online (Ann Taylor Loft), I had to have them.  They are just so cute.  Now, I wanted to dress these up a bit, so of course I immediately thought about a short sleeve blazer!  So, I grabbed one from the closet and added a kinda glam rocker tee and there you go.  I like this look because it’s casual but still chic.  It’s perfect for a day or night out with the girls (which is exactly what I was planning to do!)

What I’m wearing: J Crew Blazer, Hurley Tee, Loft Shorts, Lauren Merkin Clutch, Miz Mooz Shoes


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