Inside the Rack… (Nordstrom that is)

Everyone that knows me knows that I love to shop and knows that I pretty much spend every Saturday afternoon doing it. Yep, every Saturday afternoon.  I actually look forward to doing it (silly me) —

but after a generally crazy week at work, I find it very relaxing – it’s like my own personal therapy!  Now, traveling had thrown me off my game a little bit (I mean I hadn’t actually been in nearly 2 months *gasp*) but no worries…  today I was able to get back to business.  See, that’s me – super excited — and on my way!!

My first stop back… Nordstrom Rack.  (And yes, I know I have been shopping while traveling but everybody knows THAT doesn’t count!!)

Anyway, I love “The Rack” .  In my opinion, it’s a girl’s best friend — best of both worlds.  Awesome selection from Nordstrom Stores and BUT at discounted prices.

You can’t lose!!  Of course I happened upon plenty of good finds (Halogen Wedge Platforms and Marco Senti Color Block Pumps for example).  

But the first cool thing that I noticed is that they’ve added this “On the Spot” checkout system.  It’s very similar to what Apple does.   I like it a lot.  They basically have associates with scanners at free standing checkouts.  So no waiting in line.  You can pretty much checkout anywhere in the store.  It’s pretty cool and should be great during peak shopping periods.  Nice look.

Okay, so this was my outfit of the day…   What I’m Wearing: Victoria’s Secret One Shoulder Tee, J. Crew Chino Shorts, J. Crew Necklace, Versona Accesssories, Kate Spade Aviators, Franco Sarto Sandals (you can’t see them), Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote

Now, on to a couple of my finds…  Just some quick ones.  I saw this Maggy London dress and thought it was cute..  I love the ethnic print.  I’ll probably add a belt and wah-lah…  great for work.  In fact, I’ll probably wear it Monday!!  And I found a couple of cute tops too.  Great color blocked halter ( Kim and Cami –black, pink and ORANGE).  Now, you wouldn’t think the colors would mix well but it was hot!!  (And of course, I just happened to have on orange shorts).  And finally this cute tie knot top (Willow & Clay).  Also — orange.  (I wasn’t kidding when I say I get “color” obsessed).  It was kind of sheer and had great texture to it though – great for a night out!  I like this one with some nice white shorts or maybe yellow.  But my final find was….  BOOTS (Marco Santi).  Yes, yes – how fickle is thy heart.  My love affair with summer may be waning.  And alas, I am already thinking fall.  I can already see me with these boots and my skinny jeans!!

What do you think?


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