Kenya L Designs Blazer – 2nd Sample – Complete!

Yep, that’s right, my second set of blazer samples are officially done!!  There is still a lot to do but I feel good about my progress to date….  and I think I’m pretty close to making my first set available for sale.  I made some tweaks to my first jacket sample (see below) and played around with different fabric choices and patterns this time too.  I think I have a pretty solid set that I’d like to make available for my initial “launch” of online sales.  I’m definitely taking baby steps with this process but even with the baby steps….  I must admit that it’s still a bit scary.  There is this uncertainty that always kind of sits there with me….  but I suppose that is normal, in particular for  me, as I am a well known worry wart!!

(And yes, I know my eyes are closed on this photo but I still love it — goofy= me)

Anyway, even with my constant need to worry….  this process over the past few months has been so much fun….  and enlightening.   I’ve discovered a lot about myself….  or maybe rediscovered.  It’s like I am figuring things out about myself — things that I have always known but that had been – I don’t know – buried inside.  I think we sometimes get so caught up in the grind of everyday life – that 9-5 – that we sometimes, somehow, lose ourselves and forget what we really love and are passionate about.  So, I think that’s what I’ve enjoyed the most over the past months….  just remembering those things about myself.  I’ve gotten so lost in THIS process… but in a good way.  It’s like a whole new world for me and I’m really excited about what is to come.

What I’m Wearing: Kenya L Designs Blazer, J. Crew Mid-Rise Toothpick Jeans, Nordstrom Rack Tank, J. Crew Necklace, Versona Accessories, Michael Kors Watch, BCBG Color Block Pumps


18 thoughts on “Kenya L Designs Blazer – 2nd Sample – Complete!

  1. Great look and beautiful transition color from Summer to Fall! Keep evolving because I see this line being a big hit!!

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