Bad Case of the Blues

Alright, so when I walked into Nordstrom Rack yesterday, I had the full intention of buying ONE pair of great shoes.  I was simply looking for one great pair of blue themed heels to pair with my cobalt blue skinny jeans.  That’s right – just one pair.  That’s it.  Easy right?   I repeated that to myself numerous times on the drive over and as I walked into the store… (one pair, one pair, one pair)… yet despite my constant affirmations (*spoiler alert*), I found myself walking out of the store with THREE pair of shoes!!   

Anyway, one thing is clear….  jewel tones are very hot right now – in particular shades of blue.   So, of course, this trend has been added to my  latest obsession list.

My picks from The Rack: Enzo Angiolini Color Block Open Toe Sandals (Blue, Teal and Lavender), Nine West Blue Suede Pumps, Steve Madden Color Block Open Toe Sandals (Purple, Teal and White)

I simply love these shoes and this trend.  Last night, I settled on pairing the Enzo’s with my jeans but I honestly could have done any one of them.  It was a great night out — movies and dinner with the girls (and Sparkle is a must see by the way!!).

What I’m Wearing: Ann Taylor Loft Leopard Print Tee, Express Colored Jeans, Enzo Angiolini Sandals, Express Snakeskin Clutch, Versona Accessories, Michael Kors Watch

So, what do you think?  How are you wearing your jewel tones?


16 thoughts on “Bad Case of the Blues

  1. Fantastic shoes – I have major shoe envy right now. I’m channelling my jewel-tone crush into cobalt and emerald skirts, but am on the lookout for the perfect bright coloured jean. Purple, maybe!

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  3. I love the shoes, but the clutch is divine. OMG I need some snakeskin in my life! Also it is a massive relief that others seem to lose their will power where shoes are concerned. Thank you!

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