Riding High

Ok, so let’s just get all of the cards out on the table…  I have a problem. I like to buy things. Lots of things. Anything. And if you’ve been reading my blog for any period of time (let’s say… ummm…  one post), you already know this.  So I’m not sure why I’ve been holding out on the fact that I bought an awesome pair of riding boots a few weeks back!

Yep, remember my Rue La La post?  Well, that’s when I got them.  The Kelsi Dagger Jayna.  I just love the two tone exterior and there is a… shall we say rugged “chic”ness about them.  Totally waiting on my first opportunity to wear these this season!

Now, since the cat is out of the bag, I might as well share the rest of my inventory of riding boots… That’s right — a girl can never have too many riding boots!!

Featured Boots: Vince Camuto (top), Etienne Aigner (right) and Colin Stuart (left)

Anyway, I’m so glad to see their debut for this fall.  It’s such an easy way to be fab but without the typical shoe drama (*read discomfort*)!  Comfortable and chic?  Sign me up baby.  I mean it’s sheer genius.  And they are completely versatile. Great with jeans, skirts and maxi dresses. Adding a great riding boot can completely change the dynamic of an ensemble.

What do you pair your boots with?


18 thoughts on “Riding High

    • Thanks Tonshay!! Yep, sometimes it is tough to find ones that fit your calf just right… I really like the fit of the Vince Camuto boots for that reason. The softer leather boots tend to give more nicely… so maybe give those a try.

  1. Love riding boots!! Hate it that I only gave a few pairs 😉 Love pairing them with tights and sweaters and also some bright skinnies this fall! I am totally ready for fall to arrive!! Love love love Camutos!!

  2. WOW!!!! What a fantastic boot collection. Those Vince Camuto’s are rad. I love gray and camel together. Its such a modern color-combo.

    You have a serious addiction. How about you give me your CC, and I’ll help take the load off? 🙂

    I agree, boots instantly make you go from blah to chic. I don’t know what we would do without the knee high boot!? I pair my knee high boots with ALMOST EVERYTHING: dresses, skirts, shorts, blazers, tunic dresses, leggings, tights, jeggings. The only think I don’t wear knee high boots with is trousers.

    I have a pair of Vince Camuto knee high boots that are brown with gold hardware. I love Vince Camuto, b/c his boots look like $400 boots that only cost $250. Granted, $250 is a lot, but when you’re talking about 100% leather, its really pretty reasonable, especially for his style. Its comparable to much more expensive brands. He’s one of my favorites!

    Thanks for sharing your boot collection!

    • Lol! Thanks so much Taylor!! Yes, I definitely have a serious problem but at least I acknowledge it, right? Anyway, you’re right — who can live without great pairs of boots?? It is definite instant glam!! And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who adores Vince Camuto’s. I must admit he is my fave not only for boots but just shoes in general. They are always so fab!! And great for the price!!

      Thanks so much for the follow and stopping by the blog!! Glad you enjoyed it!!!

  3. I love the Colin Stuart boots!!! Do u know their
    shaft height? I want to get some but I’m pretty short And want to know how far up my leg they will go

    • Hi. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! I am about 5’6 and the Colin Stuarts come to slightly below my knees – like right below. They are pretty tall! I love them. They are one of my favorite pairs. I bought them a couple of seasons ago but still wear them every year!

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