Labor Day Shopping Haul

With Labor Day being the official “end” of summer, it always feels appropriate to get some good ole fashioned shopping in.  (Of course, I generally find any reason to go shopping but let’s not focus on that too much.)  Anyway, I love Labor Day shopping.  It’s the best time of year…  a perfect transition shopping day….  most stores are offering great deals as they try to rid themselves of their last summer items but many of the sales and great prices apply to fall items as well.  So, it’s a great time to spruce up your fall wardrobe.  It’s the best of both worlds… Yay!!

Now, my family was actually in town this past weekend visiting…  and believe it or not… everyone in my family is a shopper.  Yep, everyone!!  From my Mom, to my Dad (yes, that’s right – my Dad) to my brother and now to my Sister in Law.  Isn’t that great?  And what better place for a family bonding moment than Nordstrom Rack, right??  RIGHT….

Anyway, everyone knows that I love The Rack.  My biggest problem now is I love it too much.  I always end up spending so much more than I plan to.  It is a definite problem.  But a good one to have no less…. and an even better one to share with the fam.  Ahh…. family bonding…. gotta love it!!!

Ok, so here is my haul….

(The good thing is — I was able to check off a couple of long standing items from my lust list…)

  • I had been searching since last year for a great cognac moto jacket.  I saw the perfect one by Blanc Noir and just had to grab it up. You’ll definitely see more of this in later blogs.
  • I also picked up some chic leopard print flats by Tesori and some taupe Marco Santi ankle boots.
  • 2 great work dresses – Orange and Brown print by Maggy London and Tribal Print by Eliza J.
  • a Rose Gold Watch by Marc by Marc Jacobs (I’ve been considering adding a rose gold watch to my collection for awhile — this one definitely closed the deal and yes, I know the box is upside down…  I was too lazy to take another photo)
  • a Red and Blue Polka Dot Top by Collection Concert
  • And finally… the most ultra glam ankle booties ever by Vince Camuto (I had actually finished shopping – or so I thought – saw these and just had to take them home.  I mean you just cannot see these booties and walk away — you just can’t. And be sure —  you will certainly see these again in future blogs)

Ok, so aside from further confirmation that I have a shopping addiction (I’m a little embarrassed to be honest but no need in hiding it now)…  What do you think?  How did you spend your long weekend?  Enjoy the day!


8 thoughts on “Labor Day Shopping Haul

    • Thanks so much!! Isn’t fall shopping the best – especially the sales? I’ve loved summer this year but I am completely ready for some cooler temps just so I can break out some of my finds!!

    • You know…. It does bring that feeling of nostalgia – but I don’t know that I had associated it with back to school as a child! I think you are absolutely right! Cool!

      Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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