Charlotte Fashion Week 2012

First off, I must apologize to everyone for being a bit absent this week from the blog world.  This was my busiest week in a LONG time and I just had no time at all to write.  I found myself going through a bit of withdrawal to be honest but thank goodness the week is over  — and I’m back!

So, how do you close out the craziest week ever you ask?

Well, by going to the Friday Night Show of Charlotte Fashion Week of course!!!  Yep, me and my girlfriends decided to venture out for our first ever Charlotte Fashion Week sponsored by Charlotte Seen. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect (and even less sure about what to wear) but I must admit that the night and event turned out pretty good overall.  I ultimately decided on a somewhat simple black and white look – with some leopard print added on for a touch of “flair”.  The only real snag of the evening was getting into the show and going through the seating process — all of which was a little “unorganized” shall we say.  We stood in line for an extended period of time (nearly an hour total)–  and for no apparent reason — which wasn’t very fun with 5 inch heels on.  But feet pain aside — all else was enjoyable.

The show was hosted at the NC Music Factory in the Reelworks Studio which was, I must say, a fabulous venue.  Of course I’ve never been to Bryant Park ever but I felt a little like I had a taste of it last night…  Charlotte style.  Runway shows have been happening every night since the event kicked off Wednesday, with a close out show happening Saturday night.  Each night was themed and our show featured some of Charlotte’s top emerging designers.

Below are some of my favorite designers and looks.

From KSH Couture (first 2 photos): These looks were full of color – festive, fun and girly.  Definitely one of my favorites.

From Anno Domini (3rd photo): This might be my favorite look of the night.  Very wearable, yet chic.  Again, one of my favorite designers of the night.

From Caroline Harmon (4th photo): I love this skirt.

From Cigi Cuz (5th photo): This dress was so fab – my photo doesn’t do it justice honestly.  It was simple yet very glam.  This look was in particular one of my favorites.  It just screams night out with the girls!!

From Carol Ann Copeland (final photo): Loved these pink sequin shorts.

All in all, we had a fabulous time and there were lots of great looks from some up and coming designers.  And of course, who can pass up an opportunity to be on the red carpet for goodness sake?

What do you think?  I’d love to hear which looks are your favorites….

What I’m Wearing: Kenya L. Designs Blazer, Corset and Skinny Pants by Victoria’s Secret, Kelsi Dagger Leopard Print Stilettos, Versona Accessories, Express Animal Print Clutch


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