Upcycled Denim Jacket: Swapping Sleeves

I have become mildly obsessed with a trend that I have been seeing lately.  Jackets with”swapped” sleeves.  I love the concept of this.  There seem to be 2 primary variations: leather or denim with either leather or knit contrasting sleeves.  It is such a great look and can add some definite rocker chic to your wardrobe.

So, after seeing this trend more and more online and feeling inspired from a recently featured look by one of our fellow bloggers….  (Thanks The Scarpetta Style)  — I started to ponder….  Hmmm….  Would this be a good project to take on?  Should I create my own swapped sleeve jacket?  Well, of course I should!!!  So, I immediately started digging through my closet and “remembered” that I had just cut the sleeves off one of my old denim jackets (I really wanted a vest that day).

But in my mind, I kept seeing that denim “vest” as something else – something better.  I pondered a couple of different “swaps”, poured through my dresser drawers and then I saw it.  My cable knit sweater.   It’s perfect….  extra long sleeves -which give a lot of room to play with when removing and adding back on – and a great snug fit (a terrific contrast to the jacket itself I think).  So, I pulled out the scissors and *yes, wait for it* cut the sleeves right off!  Now a couple of techniques that I tried with this were: 1) turned the sweater inside out so I could see the seams of the sweater sleeve  and 2) cut enough fabric above the sleeve seam to give plenty of room to sew it onto the jacket later.

Here is the tentative look….  It’s only tentative because…. I can’t sew!!!

So, I either have to try it myself (by hand) or take it to my trusted seamstress and have her do it for me. I”ll be honest… I kinda want to try this myself just to see if I can do it but….  I don’t know.   What do you guys think?  Should I give it a try?  Any tips?  I really think the finished product is going to be great — and I am actually super excited to give it a try.  So, look for a part 2 of this post to show the end result of this project – good, bad or indifferent.  I’ll keep you posted!!!  Fingers crossed everyone!


7 thoughts on “Upcycled Denim Jacket: Swapping Sleeves

  1. Girl, you are crazy!!!! (Fashion “crazy” that is;) This post made me nervous…lol. The thought of cutting that beautiful sweater was too much for me…lol. But, I think It’s gonna look really cute. Great idea!

    • Lol! Thanks!! You know, I THOUGHT I heard someone cringing! But honestly I just wanted to give it a try – just to see how it would turn out! A good risk… In theory. We shall see… Lol!

  2. I love this look!
    My leather jacket has black knitted sleeves but I think it looks even cooler when there is contrast.
    I can’t sew, so it would be heading to the seamstress for sure!

    • Thanks Laura! I like this look quite a bit myself. It is the contrast that makes it great. I actually attempted to take it to the seamstress this weekend and unfortunately, she said no! Can you believe it? So, I decided to do it myself yesterday. Ha! Let’s just say the stitching has a bit of “character” to it but honestly I quite like it. I plan to blog about it later this week so look for that in a few days.

      Take Care!

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