Week in Review – Zig Zag Prints, Travel and a Vet Visit

Oh how I have missed you this week blogger fam!!  I mean, I had great intentions for this past week, I really did.  Yes, I know that I had warned you that I might be somewhat absent from the blogosphere with my work travel to Philly, but in actuality, I had big plans.  My intention was to use the time away as a great opportunity to explore the city for cute boutiques and awesome vintage shops.  In fact, I even did research – I found all of the places I wanted to go before hand.  Oh how wonderful it would be.  I’d post nightly about all of my great shopping affairs and all of the lovely finds.  Oh yes, I had plenty of grand plans my friends.  In fact, I had even devised a plan B: saved photos from a cool work ensemble from earlier in the week– just in case I didn’t make it to the shops….  I’d still be able to blog while there.  And then I would use the time this weekend to check out a few new thrift shop spots and boutiques in Charlotte.  Yep, had it all mapped out.  I’d post 3 maybe 4 blogs.  Yep – grand plans….  But somehow, someway… neither Plan A nor Plan B worked out. Funny how that happens…

I can only describe this past week as a complete whirlwind!  I found myself dog tired every single night after work with horrible headaches.  My shopping affair simply boiled down to one 8:30 spin (the night before I was leaving) through Nordstrom Rack at King of Prussia mall.  And they closed at 9!!!  Yep, that was it.  30 minutes.

And of course, Plan B quickly fell apart too.  I came home to a sick doggie with a bad case of reverse sneezing!  Yes – reverse sneezing (which I must clarify sounds nothing like sneezing)!!  I mean, who has even heard of such a thing?  I liken it to a really bad cold.  It sounds awful.  Apparently it is similar to allergies for us humans and causes extreme congestion and inflammation.  Dino was literally snorting and honking and gasping for air every few minutes.  Poor thing… he was panicking and so was I.  So, after a night of no sleep and a early morning trip to the vet Saturday morning, I had doggie Benadryl for him and a calmer mental state for me.  But I was bushed.  So, I’ve done nothing all weekend.  Did not put on one cute outfit.  Didn’t even try.  It’s been black yoga pants and t-shirts every single day (I didn’t even bother to put in my contacts today!).  And I’m ok with that.

But, I’d feel guilty if I closed out the blog without at least sharing the outfit from earlier in the week (excuse the messy office backdrop).  So, here goes — I simply love this print: a great chevron zig zag with somewhat muted colors – perfect for fall.  It has a certain “Missoni” feel to it.  And the splash of pink at the bottom is a great balance — good pop of color and personality.  I paired the dress with a black blazer and ribbed black tights.

What I’m Wearing: Maggy London Dress, Victoria’s Secret Blazer, Antonio Melani Shoes, J. Crew Necklace, Versona Accessories

Here’s to a much better week this week everyone!  And DO check out my Etsy Shop which is now open!!


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