Now Open: My Etsy Store

So, if you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you know that one of the primary reasons that I started this blog (wow… nearly 6 months ago) was to chronicle my journey designing and producing custom made blazers.  The past 6 months have gone by like a whirlwind but I have achieved one key milestone – my first set of blazers available for sale and the launch of my online Etsy Store.   It’s a small start — I have a lot more to do — but it IS a start and that in itself is pretty awesome.

My next big step is really to focus on promoting and growing my business and expanding my “in store” offerings.  In fact, you may have already noticed that I changed my blog site domain to and I added a link to my Etsy Shop directly from it.  I’m definitely interested in you guys feedback so please check out the change and the shop.  I’d love to hear your tips, ideas and suggestions on promotion or any other topic!!  And do share it out with others!!  In fact, I’ll be kicking off a contest in the next few weeks as an extra incentive (more details to come soon!!)

My 2nd set of blazers will be complete this weekend and available in the store mid-week next week.  Please add me as an Etsy Store Favorite so you’ll have first access as new items arrive.

And finally below are my fabric choices for the 3rd set of blazers which we’ll begin production on this weekend.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these selections or any other things that you’d like to see: new jacket styles, fabric and print ideas and of course color combination ideas.  You all are great inspiration so I’d love to get your perspective.    

And definitely contact me if you are interested in a custom order.

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