My Nicki Minaj Moment

I always liked Halloween as a kid.  I mean how could you be a kid and not love it….  all the candy you want and a chance to play dress up…  that’s a pretty good deal (side note: for me, it also meant the official “start” of the holiday season – just a few short months until Christmas).  Add in the opportunity to occasionally watch your Dad hiding outside Halloween night, waiting in the bushes to scare the neighborhood trick or treaters as they walked up to ring the doorbell… and you might be in “priceless” territory.  Yep, it was a pretty good gig while it lasted.  But, alas, I reached that age where it was no longer cool to dress up …  and so I lost some excitement around the day.

Fast forward to now….  at some point, probably about 4 years ago, it became cool again to dress up.  Not sure how that happened….  not sure when that happened as a matter of fact…  I mean there was no public service announcement or anything – no broadcast message, right?  It just started happening.  Adult, costume themed Halloween parties just started springing up everywhere.  And after my first one, I was hooked.  I find them exhilarating in a way…  being in disguise is somewhat freeing (yeah, I know, therapy).    

Anyway, here are my costume choices over the past few years: first up is from this past Saturday — me as Nikki Minaj.  Complete with pink wig, plenty of bling, a sexy black corset, pink tutu, waxed denim leggings and blue pumps.  It was a definite hit — and everyone immediately knew who I was.  How cool is that?

Other guest appearances that night: Run DMC (in complete character) and Catwoman (among others).

And from years past: me as Strawberry Shortcake and as Daphne from Scooby-Doo.  How do you all celebrate?  Any great costumes to share?  Happy Halloween everyone!  Enjoy the day and be safe!!


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