OOTD: Yellow Skinnies

TGIF everyone!!  I’m so glad today is the official start of the weekend — and believe me, it definitely came right on time!   I could not bare another single day of work.  This week was definitely a rough one…  so I am looking forward to some much needed relaxation (translation = shopping therapy).

I actually had an chance to work from home on yesterday….  Believe it or not, I often find it difficult to work from home on a regular basis.  There is usually some meeting or something going on that requires me to be onsite.  But with the crazy week well underway, I thought yesterday would be the perfect day to take a break from the official office scene.

Now, when I first started working from home, for some reason I felt the need to still dress in our business professional attire (not full professional but pretty close- I know silly, right?).  I have no idea why I did this….  I think in my mind it made me feel more like I was in the office and helped me adjust to the work from home routine.  So, as I’ve gotten more comfortable with working from home, I’ve “relaxed” my own dress policy!  Of course, that still doesn’t mean pajamas all day…  so I decided to go with a good compromise….

I chose this look because I really wanted to brighten my mood.  And there is nothing like old favorites to do that…   So enter my yellow skinnies.  Yes,  you’ve seen these before….  They’ve made several guest appearances in prior blogs in fact.  But they always make me feel good.  The color is amazing – they are super soft (just like your favorite worn-in pair) – and the fit is perfect.

What “mood lifting” pieces are in your closet?  Let me know.

What I’m Wearing: Express Moto Jacket, Good Works Tee, J. Crew Yellow Skinnies, Tesori Leopard Print Flats, J. Crew Necklace, Versona Accessories

Here’s to an awesome weekend everyone!!!


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