Animal Print, Peplum and a Giveaway!

DSC_0020Sorry for the absence this week everyone…  I feel like I’m always saying this but it was enormously busy and despite my best intentions, I did not get a chance to post.  One big reason was all of the family excitement right now.  My brother and sister in law are expecting their first child and it seems like baby Micah wants to make an earlier than expected arrival!  All is well, but it has definitely made for an interesting week.  That said…  my baby niece may be here very soon and I am extremely excited!!

Anyway, to make up for my being away this week, I thought what better time than now to do my first official giveaway!!!  Here are the eligibility requirements:

  1. Comment on this post (please include contact info so I can get in touch with you should you win)
  2. Tweet or Retweet this post with hashtag#KenyaLDesignsGiveaway
  3. Favorite my Etsy Shop or one of the items in my shop (New Items Just Added and More to Come in the Next Week – 25% off Holiday Sale right now!)DSC_0047

Complete all 3 requirements and your name will be entered into a random drawing to win a Kenya L Designs Blazer – custom made just for you!  The contest ends on Dec 23, 2012 11:59pm EST with prize drawing held on Dec 26,2012.  You must be 18 years old or older to enter.  DSC_0101

Of course I can’t just end this post without sharing one of my favorite outfits from this past week.  I was inspired by a fellow blogger (and all of my talk of short and long sleeve options last post) to take my peplum top and give it a try in cooler weather.  I actually like how this look turned out.DSC_0015

What I’m Wearing: Topshop Peplum Top, BCBG Leopard Long Sleeve Tee, Express Colored Skinnies, Marco Santi Booties, and Blanc Noir Jacket

DSC_0017Have a Good Week Everyone!!


18 thoughts on “Animal Print, Peplum and a Giveaway!

    • Thanks for the compliment doll!! So sweet of you… I’ve been experimenting with layers lately and the animal print tee with the peplum seemed like a great mix — so I’m glad you liked it!!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      xo, Kenya

    • Thanks so much Jenny!!! This was my first wear of the Topshop peplum top and I love it!!! You must get one for sure!

      Thanks for participating in the giveaway and checking out my Etsy Shop! I think the black and white is my favorite too!! Good Luck! And appreciate the love! 🙂

      xo, Kenya

  1. Love this combo! Such a fan of chambrays, you can never go wrong. Thanks for visiting my blog and following along. Going through and checking yours out now… 😉



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