OOTD: How to Wear the Sweater Coat Trend

DSC_0068 Happy New Year Blog Family!  I apologize for my absence over the past few weeks.  Life has been quite busy… full of lots of new beginnings, celebrations and good times!  First things first….  My baby niece (Micah Grace) arrived on December 21…  nearly 6 weeks early… but beautiful and healthy.  Yay!!!  She is such a blessing!!!  And I already know there will be lots of spoiling going on.  She is beyond adorable.  (I’m sure she’ll be making many guest appearances in the blog!) So between her arrival, my standard last minute Christmas shopping, prepping for hosting Christmas this year, a one day trip to the parents house on Christmas Eve, a trip back to Charlotte on Christmas Day with everyone in tow and a full week of family in town…  umm…  I’m bushed!  But I wouldn’t trade it for anything!  It was such a great time.  There is nothing like a new baby and her arrival made the holiday and the family time even more special.  It was exactly what the holiday should be all about….

DSC_0019Anyway, if you haven’t noticed…  sweater coats are definitely making a comeback this winter and this time, lots of vibrant prints and deep, rich colors are being added to this classic piece!  Of course my take on any jacket or coat is that it is just another “accessory” for your ensemble.  And the sweater coat is no exception to that.  It’s an easy way to add instant polish to any look and make a statement while doing it!  It’s extremely versatile and a great layering option.  And to me, it’s a little more jazzy that the classic cardigan but can be paired in virtually the same way….  How could you ask for more??

DSC_0031This particular look is more of a thin sweater coat…  And I loved it for that very reason.  It literally  “floated” as I walked.  There is something about that effortless floaty look that just makes you feel so chic!!!  Love it.  Even if this look is not for you, there are so many variations of it, it’s easy to make your own (consider a chunky knit version or a ski sweater coat for instance).

DSC_0061What I’m Wearing: Village Road Sweater Coat, Project Social Tee, J. Crew Skinny Jeans, Kelsi Dagger Riding Boots, Versona Accessories Necklace and Earrings, Kate Spade Sunnies

How are you wearing this trend?  What other knit trends are you loving right now?  Let me know.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and terrific start to the year!!!!



32 thoughts on “OOTD: How to Wear the Sweater Coat Trend

  1. Yeah for sweater coats! I’m wearing one right now .. black and white, but cute and warm.

    I like your the multi brown & gray tones in your sweater .. very nice and versatile.


    • Thanks Yi-chia!! The length was one of the main things that attracted me to it! It adds a bit more flair to it…. just makes it a fun piece! And it is definitely cozy!! Added bonus!

      xo, Kenya

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