Camo Skinnies: My First Zara Experience – Part 1

DSC_0035That’s right, until a few weeks ago, I was a Zara virgin.  Had never owned any Zara item.   You see, there are no actual Zara stores anywhere close to Charlotte (I think Atlanta is the closest) and I just hadn’t had much exposure to the brand.  Of course, in the blog world, it doesn’t take long to figure out that Zara offers some very funky, on trend, fashion items at (amazingly) very reasonable prices.

DSC_0026So, when I started lusting after a pair of skinny camo’s, Zara seemed like a good brand to check out.  Now, I must admit I was a little skeptical at first.  As a curvy girl, it’s difficult for me to find jeans and pants (skinny in particular) that fit properly.  And being unfamiliar with the brand, I was really nervous about the fit, but I decided to give them a try.

DSC_0056Well, all of that worry was clearly for nothing.  To say I love them would be a severe understatement.  These pants are fabulous!!  I love the worn in look, the zipper embellishments and added seams for detail.  And they fit like a glove!  They feel like that favorite pair of jeans that you’ve worn for years.  (So of course I immediately purchased 2 more pair of Zara jeans online!  Yes, Zara, this will probably be the beginning of a long and torrid love affair!).DSC_0071

Anyway, I wore this look all day on Saturday.  I decided to change it up a little while out for dinner with my girlfriends later that night (you’ll see that look in Part 2 of this post later this week).

DSC_0080What I’m Wearing: Fever Fur Vest, Lauren Top, Zara Camo Skinnies, Marco Santi Booties, J. Crew Necklace, Michael Kors Watch, Tumi SunniesDSC_0019

Where Am I: Charlotte Art League Gallery

What brands and designers have you been pleasantly surprised by?  Do you love Zara too?  Let me know.


24 thoughts on “Camo Skinnies: My First Zara Experience – Part 1

  1. I’m a Zara virgin too. The closest store to me is about 1 hour away 😦 So unfortunately, I don’t get a chance to go there very often (only once, in fact). I’ve thought about ordering online before but haven’t been bold enough to do so yet…

    Your pants look great and I love the pieces you paired with it!!


    • Thanks! I know the store thing is a bummer but you should definitely try online. I was pleasantly surprised at how close their fit guide is to the actual garment. I’m absolutely a Zara fan now!

      xo, Kenya

  2. Hey Kenya! Welcome to the world of Zara…I absolutely love all Zara pieces and i’m Glad you weren’t disappointed. I’m on a shopping fast learning to wear what’s in my closet, so I haven’t been in Zara lately however I can imagine the adorable spring 2013 pieces.

    • Oh my… You are so right, Zara does not disappoint! I can’t believe that I’m only just now getting something. If only I’d known. But I definitely plan on making up for lost time!



  3. Well you scored big time because those pants look awesome on you! The cool thing about Zara is that it’s a little bit different anywhere you go in the world….makes it more exciting!

    • Thanks Kenye! I am absolutely obsessed with Zara right now. The Atlanta store is definitely on my shopping destination list!

      And thanks for reaching out. I’d love to collaborate. Look for an email shortly.

      xo, Kenya

  4. I need to go back to Zara. My first experience with the store was .. meh. Everything was black and I didn’t think the prices were that great so back I went to H&M.


  5. Yeah I’m with you I’m Zara virgin too, your making me want a pair of these cameo skinnies. They are super cute, I like the way you put this outfit together! There so many ways you can wear these skinnies, so many endless possibilities! That vest is really calling my name…lol

    xoxo Akinyi

    • Thanks Akinyi! 🙂 I really do love these pants… In fact, I expect they will quickly become favorites and you’ll see multiple appearances in the near future! Please go get a pair!! You will not be disappointed!

      xo, Kenya

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