A New Way to Layer: Dress Over Pants

DSC_0043Ok, so I have been trying to style this vintage dress for months now!  If you remember my Hong Kong Vintage post a few months back, you know I picked up quite a few unique pieces.  This dress happened to be one of them, and although I was extremely excited about it, I had been holding off on wearing it because I just wasn’t 100% committed on how to style it.

DSC_0061I was drawn to this dress because of the fabulous print more than anything…  so it felt like something that deserved a little bit more than your typical shift dress styling.  Well of course wearing a dress over pants isn’t new….  it was a big trend in the 90’s and was seen a bit on the F/W runways this fall and even on a few celebrities (Check out this Emma Watson look).

DSC_0058And to be honest, I hadn’t totally abandoned the dress over pants look anyway.  I’ve definitely worn it here and there since the 90’s.  I just feel like it’s a great way to change up a typical look and add a little bit of unexpected layering.  (And I decided to add in a little print mixing as well!!)

DSC_0041What I’m Wearing: Hong Kong Vintage Find Dress, J. Crew Chambray Top, Zara Skinnies (yes, I got more Zara!!!), ASOS booties

Where Am I: Camden Street Uptown, Phat Burrito

How do you feel about dresses over pants?  Do or don’t?


31 thoughts on “A New Way to Layer: Dress Over Pants

  1. I think it’s a great idea, quite a fashionable statement depending on the event and the pieces. Personally I did dresses over shorts as a little girl because I hated growing out of my dresses so I wore them with shorts until I started getting stuck in them…crazy little me when I reflect on my style as a child. Go for it, a great look falls in line with your style….”statement!!!”
    Simply Jyune

    • Thanks June. Yeah, I think it can be a great look -just depends of course. I don’t actually remember this from childhood but I definitely rocked it quite a bit 90’s/2000’s.

      xo, Kenya

    • Thanks Borka! I was a little skeptical on the styling but I think it turned out good overall. I love the booties but they are ultra uncomfortable! Ughhh… The dilemma of being fashionable.

      xo, Kenya

    • Thanks doll! It is a little tricky… sometimes it works… sometimes not. For me, I like to take a dress that I would have easily paired with leggings and just sub in the jeans!

      xo, Kenya

  2. I’ve never layered a dress over jeans before but you’ve now inspired me to give it a try. I love the print of you dress and pairing it with your zara skinny jeans = perfect.
    As you know shoes are my weakness, so it has to be said…those boot are fab!!! Great colour 🙂


  3. I’m not a fan of pants under dresses, but I think it takes courage to think outside the box because occasionally it will work out!

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