Party Style: Waxed Denim Edition

DSC00655These waxed denim jeans were my my first experience with J. Brand.  Yes, I was a J. Brand virgin too!  Anyway, I was quite impressed with them overall.  The fit was SO spot on —  just immaculate.  And I absolutely loved the color.  But probably the most surprising thing was just how comfortable they were.  I mean, pants like these usually make me nervous.  You know what I mean, right?  Nervous that you are just one wrong move away from busting right out of them!  Well — I didn’t get that with these.  Even though they fit like a glove, I could easily maneuver on and off the bikes for these photos.  These pants had all the sexiness of leather but without the price tag or the fit and breathability issues.  I simply loved them.

DSC00651Now, believe it or not, I had literally been waiting since my Waxed Denim post last fall to wear these bad boys.  Incredible, right?  Well, I had high hopes to rock them for my Friday fun at CIAA this weekend… but it turns out, I had a terrible headache all day so I didn’t quite make it out to the party!  (Yep — I was my OWN party pooper!)DSC00658

BUT I did take some shots of my look earlier in the day.  I ventured out to the local Motorcycles of Charlotte Dealership (home of Ducati, BMW, Triump and MV Agusta Motorcycles).  The owner was nice enough to let me use some of his amazing motorcycles there as my backdrop, so even though I didn’t make it to my event, I felt a little obligated to share the photos with you anyway.

Are you all still rockin’ waxed denim? Let me know what you think!!!



What I’m Wearing: Victoria Secret Blazer, Dirty Cotton Scoundrels Jimi Hendrix Tee, J. Brand Waxed Denim Skinnies, Kelsi Dagger Leopard Pumps, Urban Expressions Clutch

Where Am I: Motorcycles of Charlotte



50 thoughts on “Party Style: Waxed Denim Edition

  1. Waxed denim? Hmm, I’m not familiar with this type of finish. I don’t own any J Brand jeans either so perhaps a trip to Nordstrom’s is in order this weekend 😉


    • Yes, you must check out waxed denim and J. Brand. I love waxed denim. It’s essentially a waxy coat that has been added to the denim. It looks a lot like leather but without the crazy cost! Check it out!

      xo, Kenya

  2. Kenya, those wax coated demin pants are fabulous and fierce! You really rocked this look
    I am J brand a virgin too…I have been looking for the perfect pair to try but the selection is limited over here on the prairies.
    On another note, Zara Canada online shopping starts today!!!:)

  3. Ok, so since we are buds now..twitter, blogs and featured on GK, I need these SHOES!!! LOL
    I love this look and your location is an added bonus.

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