What’s Trending Now: Spring Neon Brights

Spring Neon Colors One of the biggest trends for this spring is neon colors! Of course, pops of vibrant color are nothing new.  We’ve been seeing more and more brights on the runways and in the stores for several seasons now.

Spring NeonsBut, while I’ve certainly embraced the color explosion, I’ve been a little more hesitant to go all in on neons in particular.  For some reason, when I would hear neon, I’d conjure up visions of Punky Brewster and those infamous jelly shoes from the 80’s!  Hmmm….  Thankfully this fashion remix is a little bit different.

Adding neon to your closet is pretty easy.  Add one or 2 neon pieces to a neutral color (whites, blacks or blues for instance).  Now, to get your feet wet, start with neon hued accessories such as necklaces, belts or purses.  For me, I started with this pink MK purse.

Spring Neon - MK Pink PurseI’ve had it for quite awhile (if you are a regular reader, you’ve seen it plenty before) and I’ve been using it to add a bit of pizazz to my looks.  Over the past few months though, I’ve built up the courage to add more basic clothing pieces, such as this Loft Cardigan.

Have I mentioned that I’m glad it’s finally spring??

Spring Neons

How are you incorporating this trend this season?

What I’m Wearing: Loft Cardigan, J. Crew Tank, Zara Distressed Skinnies, Tesori Leopard Flats, J. Crew Necklace, Charming Charlie Earrings and Bracelet, Versona Accessories Ring, Michael Kors Purse and Watch, Kate Spade and Banana Republic Sunnies

Where Am I: Lakepoint Center

Spring Neons


47 thoughts on “What’s Trending Now: Spring Neon Brights

  1. Beautiful! I love how you paired your brights with classics – and those leopard shoes are just the right accent! Hope you are enjoying your spring 🙂

  2. Pink and green?! My kind of colors, lol! I love the pop of yellow too. Great opening of Spring outfit, Kenya!

  3. Great post! I admire your boldness to wear as much color as you wish! I’m too scared too do that and incorporate one accent color, but even so not a very bold one! xx


    • Thanks Emmi! You should definitely give it a try! Start with something small and incorporate more as you get more comfortable! I’d love to see a post!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      xo, Kenya

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