Color Alert: Pink and Mint Green

Pink and Mint Green TrendOf all of the recent color trends…  pink and mint green is probably my favorite.  I am definitely a pink girl (have been as long as I can remember)…  but I wouldn’t say historically that I’ve been a huge fan of mint.  After seeing Kerry Washington rock her gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown for the NAACP Image Awards (see here) though…  I became, let’s say, inspired. Pink and Mint Green TrendSo, when I was on a recent weekend trip to Winston Salem and happened upon these mint green jeans (with polka dot print I might add — how awesome is that?) at Marshall’s, I immediately grabbed them from the rack and headed to the dressing room!  Added bonus = they were $10 on clearance!!!  It was the perfect find. Pink and Mint Green TrendNow, as spring and summer colors go, I think these two colors are nearly the best!   So airy and floaty….  they just give off that summer time vibe!  Honestly, whenever I see them, I tend to think about cotton candy or strawberry and pistachio ice cream scoops (but I am a bit greedy… so maybe that’s just me)!! Pink and Mint Green TrendWhat do you think about this color combo?  What other colors are you pairing mint green with? What I’m Wearing: Forever 21 Peplum Top, D. Jeans, Zara Heels, Louis Vuitton Vintage Clutch, Tumi Sunglasses, Zara Statement Necklace Where Am I: Lakepoint Center

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Pink and Mint Green Trend


68 thoughts on “Color Alert: Pink and Mint Green

    • Thanks!! Not boring at all! In fact, I just picked up a neutral brown (with black polka dots) that I intend to wear with these at some point later!

      xo, Kenya

  1. love your play on the color pink (looked through a few of your posts) and i love your pairing of it here with the mint. I am in love with peplum but have yet to buy a peplum top, you are pushing me to finally buy one with this look!

  2. Thanks for your lovely words Kenya.It really means a lot 😉
    As for your style here,I really love it.The mint with pink or neutral colours just look amazing.And it looks great on you as well.I’ve been wanting to buy a mint colour jeans like yours,now I’m thinking I should get a pink one as well lol..
    You have a new follower too haha

  3. I think pink and mint together is such a refreshing colour combo and I just love how you paired them together…btw love your polka dot jeans. Fantastic look:)
    On another note, how is it that you keep finding these amazing deals! I need to go shopping with you!
    xo, Jackie

  4. Love the two colors together! They look great on you! And amazing deal at Marshalls. That place is addictive! I love pairing mint with navy, yellow, or blue. It’s such a versatile color.

    • Thanks!!! I do love Marshalls and TJ Maxx too quite honestly! Always the best stuff! I may have to try some of your mint color combos! I bet they are quite cute!

      xo, Kenya

  5. I love them, still trying to find the perfect pastel jeans and can’t find a comfy pair. Went to Kohl’s today and found some cute ones but still cut too low on the waist, will check Marshalls and Ross next.

    • Thanks! It took me awhile to find the right pair and I really did just happen upon them in Marshalls… wasn’t even looking really! Good luck with your search!

      xo, Kenya

    • Thanks so much Inez! I was on the hunt for my mint jeans for a minute! Definitely make sure you pick up some!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

      xo, Kenya

    • Thanks so much Megan!!! I am in love with mint myself right now! Just picked up some mint shorts!! 🙂

      Thanks for the the love and the follow! Heading over to your blog now!

      xo, Kenya

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