The Prabal Gurung for Target Collection

Prabal Gurung for Target DressI purchased this dress during all of the initial hoopla over the debut of the Prabal Gurung for Target Collection.  I happened to pick it up honestly because it was one of the few pieces that I was able to find that was actually still available in my size.

Prabal Gurung for Target DressNow, you might remember my initial post on a few of the other pieces.  While I was super stoked about the cute peplum top and the heels, I have to admit that I wasn’t all “head over heels” for this particular dress.  I thought it was cute but I just wasn’t loving it when I got home (which is probably the reason why you haven’t seen it before now).

Prabal Gurung for Target DressWhat was I thinking?  I mean…  after putting it on and styling it up a little…  I love it.  It’s quite cute and fits great.  But most of all, I love the colors.  Definitely spring appropriate.  I wore this to work earlier this week but this dress could easily serve many purposes and events.  It’s just a fun dress.  *Special Note* Yes, I somehow have a pink color theme going on with my recent posts.

Prabal Gurung for Target DressNow, the bad news….  you won’t be seeing the final dress that I purchased from the collection (check it out here).  I was excited about in the store but it turned out to be my least favorite once I got home.  Something was off in the fit in the arms — read * I couldn’t actually raise them*.  Add that to the fact that I felt a little like one of the original pilgrims in it and that pretty much equaled a “no go” people.

What I’m Wearing: Prabal Gurung for Target Dress, Prabal Gurung for Target Heels, J. Crew Skinny Belt, J. Crew Bubble Necklace, Michael Kors Purse

Where Am I: Lakepoint Center

Prabal Gurung for Target Dress


34 thoughts on “The Prabal Gurung for Target Collection

  1. I hate when I think I’ll love something and it so doesn’t work out, I.e. me in mint skinnys. This dress does look cute on you though and I think the styling is cute too 🙂

  2. Kenya , I like the dress and especially the black side panels and cut. I like the way you colorblocked it with the necklace and belt. Hey, you sure you dont want to put on the other dress and let us see it? I wanna see a modern day pilgrim.

  3. What a beautiful dress. I can’t wait for Target to open next month, to get all those fabulous deals you guys are always talking about.

    Don’t forget to enter my stella & Dot giveaway.


    • Thanks Erin! I really love these shoes! I’ve been trying to find as much as possible to pair them with! Thanks for the lovely comments!

      xo, Kenya

  4. I don’t remember seeing this dress in the collection but it honestly looks so great on you! I love the bright colors and colorblocking. Great purchase! Also, I loved that other dress online and wanted to buy it but didn’t…I guess that is a good thing given your review!

    • Thanks Jacy!! I agree with you — this dress didn’t stand out as much (or get as much press) as some of the others in the collection but I personally think it’s one of the best! And I definitely think you made the right call in not buying the other dress. It just wasn’t flattering!

      xo, Kenya

  5. Super cute outfit!! Love that dress and shoes are HAUTE!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Now following yours 🙂

    With Love,

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