Zara Style: The Floral Blazer

Zara Floral BlazerI must give credit where credit is due….  I have to thank my fabulous friend Jackie at Style My Dreams for the inspiration for today’s post.  In one of my prior floral posts, she commented that she had recently purchased a floral blazer and I admitted to her that I was a little hesitant to go all in.  Granted, I have no real idea why a blazer would be any different than say a skirt or pants but something was just holding me back!  Jackie encouraged me to go for it and well…  I did!!  Thanks girlie!!

Zara Floral BlazerI found this fabulous piece at Zara online (of course).  I think the key to styling a floral blazer is to use the blazer itself as as your statement piece.  Pair it with a simple color palette – a white tee and jeans for instance (black waxed denim would be awesome as well – that’s next on my styling list) or perhaps a basic white or black dress.  It’s a great way to really stand out in a crowd and add some instant (and pretty effortless) glam to your look!Zara Floral Blazer

What I’m Wearing: Zara Floral Blazer, Threads for Thought Tee, Zara Boyfriend Jeans, Nine West Suede Pumps, Zara Statement Pearl Necklace, Tumi Sunglasses, Vintage Fendi Tote

Where Am I: Arysley Town Center

Zara Floral BlazerAre you rocking floral blazers right now?

Zara Floral BlazerYou know, I just can’t end this post without saying I LOVE blogging and I love all of you!  There are so many cool people and so much encouragement and support!  It’s such an awesome community…  I love sharing with you all and learning from and about you all!  You guys rock!!

Zara Floral Blazer

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64 thoughts on “Zara Style: The Floral Blazer

  1. Hey! K, you always look so well put together and fly, love your blazer and super jealous cause I couldn’t find my size in the same blazer today. Love love love everything, you look great sweety.

    Checkout my new post.

    Have a great night.

    • Thanks Jaela!!! Yeah, I held off for so long that I was nervous that they wouldn’t still have my size too! But I definitely lucked out!

      Thanks for the sweet words! I appreciate the love!!!

      xo, Kenya

  2. Giiiiiirl I loooooove this look on you!!! I am a huge fan of mixing rugged with feminine styles! The blazer and jeans and colors in the accessories make this outfit for me!!! You look beautiful!!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Amy!!! 🙂 I’m glad this look turned out well… it definitely will be getting more play off the blog this season!

      xo, Kenya

  3. Looking sharp Kenya, i’m so glad you wore the blazer. The colour looks so great against your skin. I’ve gotta to say it your zara heels are amazing!!
    xo, Jackie

    • Thanks Rachelle! Definitely — Zara is SO one of my favorite places now! It’s so hard to not go overboard! So many great finds!

      xo, Kenya

  4. Love, love, love the look. I never buy anything from Zara…the cheapskate in me, I guess. I may have to start perusing their sales, at least! I totally agree that a blazer can be your statement piece. You are certainly making a statement with this one.

  5. This blazer is just amazing on you!! The classic shape really makes the florals pop. You do such a great job of mixing color too – love the blue shoes!

    • Thank you!!! Those blue shoes have come in quite handy this season…. I’ve used them to add the final touch to a few looks!!

      xo, Kenya

  6. I LOVE that blazer! I’ve seen it on a few other bloggers and I love it every single time. You styled it perfectly, everything else should be simple when you have such an amazing statement piece! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I have loved looking through yours, you have amazing style!

    • Thanks Lanaya! Blazers are absolutely my favorite clothing item to wear. Completely changes your look! Thank you for checking out the blog!

      xo, Kenya

  7. Hunni you look awesome! I was hesitant to venture past my comfort zone with prints but I tried it first with a pair of pumps and I haven’t turned back since, lol. You can pass that blazer right on over when you’re done 🙂

  8. I have been on the hunt for a floral blazer. They are a great way to jazz up neutral toned outfits. Plus, with spring here what could be more appropriate to wear?

  9. I love the jacket on you, I was beyond tempted when I saw it in Zara a while back. But as a recovering jacketholic I had to resist. You got good advice 🙂

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