Rockin’ Floral Pants

How to Wear Floral PantsI’m back lovelies!!  So sorry for my absence over the past few weeks.  It was completely unintended!  It actually started with a business trip to the Chicago area week before last and then having family in town for Mothers Day weekend.  This week I was kinda in recovery mode….  but whew… I’m back!  I really missed you guys by the way!

How to Wear Floral PantsAnyway, you all know I have a tendency to become obsessed at times.  Well, right now, I am all over peplum tops and the floral craze!  It’s quite interesting because I have never been a big floral person.  I mean at all!  When I would think of florals, I would conjure up visions of hideous curtain prints and ugly bed spreads (which = not cool by the way).  But there is something so refreshing about this do-over that makes floral prints quite appealing.

How to Wear Floral PantsNow, if you’re a regular on the blog, you know I’ve tried pretty much every possible floral piece there is (top, blazer, skirt ) with the exception of pants.  Not sure why… but pants always seemed a little more intimidating.  But I decided to give it a shot with these J. Crew jeans.  I actually think that was the trick.  I really liked that these pants were denim and that they gave me a “spot on” fit.How to Wear Floral Pants

Of course, there are so many styling options for floral pants….  match the top to your pants (like I did) or be adventurous and try a neutral color on top.  Other styling options: add a blazer, a nautical striped top, chambray or a bright hue.

Have you tried floral pants yet?

What I’m Wearing: Forever 21 Peplum Top, J. Crew Liberty Floral Jeans,  Nine West Yellow Croc Heels, Zara Statement Necklace, Louis Vuitton Vintage Clutch, Tumi Sunnies

Where Am I: Steele Creek Center

How to Wear Floral PantsHow to Wear Floral Pants

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59 thoughts on “Rockin’ Floral Pants

  1. Kenya, cute outfit, I love the pop of color with the yellow. I know what you mean about obsessing, sometimes, all my clothes have the same theme for the week!

    • Thanks Alice! They are suprisingly comfy! I got them from Zappos just a short while ago if you are interested. I think you will love the floral jeans. I was hesitant too but they look really great on. Can’t wait to see your post!!

      xo, Kenya

  2. Welcome back! I love this look. The floral pants become the focal point with the simple peplum top as a compliment. And the addition of those fab yellow pops add great contrast. HOT!

    • Thanks Agi! I am so into peplum tops right now it is ridiculous! They are just so darn cute! You should definitely get one!!

      xo, Kenya

  3. Welcome back:) And hello to blue on blue with a dash of yellow!! Your floral pants are fantastic and the yellow heels make your whole outfit so fresh and fun! Well, done K!

  4. I love your floral pants here.They look so good on you!
    Even though I really want it,I haven’t tried floral pants trend yet.I should

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