OOTD: Black and White Tuxedo Stripe Pants

Zara Black and White PantsOk… so I’m fibbing a little bit.  These pants are not quite the black and white tuxedo stripe ones BUT I definitely had good intentions when I set out to grab some up.  I don’t know if I have ever shared this with you guys before but I am a HUGE online shopper.  When I say huge, I  mean probably 90% of my purchases are done online.  It’s just so much more convenient for me (added bonus: there is usually much more variety online than in stores and it can be cheaper too).  So, when I am obsessing over the latest trend, I generally check all of my favorite online spots or as a last resort hit up Google.

Zara Black and White PantsFor these…  I had to resort to the Google search.  I got an exact hit on some Zara pants on eBay.  That = immediate love, right?  They were perfect!  Yep, except for the fact that I never realized that they were actually color blocked instead of tuxedo striped!  The front is all white and the back is all black!!  Who knew?!  I still loved them once I got them though!  Just a very funky look!

Zara Black and White PantsZara Black and White PantsSo, I rocked this look at work today by pairing the pants with my ever present peplum top and these Zara heels!!  It turned out to be a great work look but I could have easily worn this for a night out as well (in fact, that was my original plan).

I guess the below is my “rockin’ it face”!!!!  Zara Black and White Pants

Zara Black and White Pants and Zara Black and White HeelsAnyway, what do you think?  Have you given in to the tuxedo stripe trend?

What I’m Wearing: Top Shop Peplum Top, Zara Black and White Pants, Zara Black and White Heels, J. Crew Chain Link Necklace

Where Am I: Rivergate Center

Zara Black and White Pants

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66 thoughts on “OOTD: Black and White Tuxedo Stripe Pants

  1. Hey Lady I love the color blocked/tuxedo pants..the Zara heels are super cute…If ur still looking for tuxedo pants try Express..I bought a pair nd love them….

  2. Those are some awesome pants Kenya! They are too bold for me (tuxedos ones too). Somehow, I am very uncomfortable wearing a bold bottom. I do a lot of shopping online too (I find it’s just easier to try things on at home and try & see how it integrates with your existing closet). I do find that sale items are typically better in stores. So I typically go to the stores and head straight for the sale racks.


    • Thanks Alice! You should give it a try! I think you could definitely rock them! I hear on the sales deals! Nothing like the sales rack to get some great finds!

      xo, Kenya

  3. Girly I Love this look!!! The pants are Super Cute!! I love shopping online also, it’s so many deals on there. Also I love having packages delivered to my door😁 You had a great work look, and don’t forget to wear those funky pants out on the town and take some pics.

  4. The look is fab hunni! I have started making more of my purchases online as well. It’s more convenient and my patience in stores is getting more tested, lol. I do have a pair of tuxedo striped pants and I plan to rock them on my vacay in a couple of weeks.

    • You are so right! I find that I don’t really have the patience for it much any more either! I can’t wait to see your post!

      xo, Kenya

  5. One of my absolute favorite looks on you Kenya. You look amazing. Love the tuxedo pants and those shoes are fabulous!!!

    Don’t forget to enter my Sephora giveaway and stop by tomorrow and link up.



  6. Lol, I initially thought they were tuxedo pants too until I read on. I’m loving the colour blocking on your pants, it’s such a funky cool look. Amen to Zara! Gorgeous! You look fantastic and you know I’m going to say it…love the heels!
    Quick question, how do Zara clothes fit? True to size? I’m contemplating buying the culotte shorts / skirt. The only thing holding me back is fit. But I am going to order a couple pairs of heels:)
    xo, Jackie

    • Lol! Glad I wasn’t the only one! Thanks Jackie! I love Zara – I probably need to be in some type of rehab! Regarding size… it depends. Their jeans are definitely true to size (which I think is interesting because those are the pants I normally have issues with) but everything else seems to run slightly small. I normally have to go one size up on dresses, tops etc and just normal trousers. But I still love the clothes!! I am definitely a Zara lover!! Can’t wait to see your buys!

      xo, Kenya

  7. Oh my goodness…how cute is this outfit 🙂 Love how you are wearing the black and white trend. I also love the varying stripes in the trousers against the heels…such cute heels!

    • Thanks love! I’ve noticed that I have been missing a few blogs in my update lately too! Not sure what is going on. Anyway, thanks!!!

      xo, Kenya

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