The Summer Classic: White Denim

Zara Ceramic BlazerOkay, so I’ve never really been a big white denim person.  At all.  But the thing is…  I’m not really sure why.  I mean there’s no question that white jeans are a classic closet staple for most.  And honestly nothing really says summer chic more than a great pair of crisp white jeans.  But somehow, no matter how much I loved them on other people, every single pair that I would buy would either end up just hanging there in my closet with the tags still attached or donated to charity!  To the point that I just stopped buying them all together.

Zara Ceramic Print BlazerSo fast forward to now and me picking up this fabulous Zara blazer.  My first inclination was to, of course, pair it with my blue denim boyfriends but with summer being in full swing, I thought… hmmm…  why not try the white jean thing again?

I guess the real selling point for this look for me was styling it with the simple white tank.  I admit I tinkered around with a navy tee for a hot second but I quickly nixed that!  Making white the primary color really added that pop to it that I wanted.  And the vintage clutch polished it off ( btw I am SO in love with clutches right now!).

Blue Vintage Clutch

Anyway what do you think?  How do you wear white jeans?

What I’m Wearing: Zara Blazer, Nordstrom Rack Tank, Victoria’s Secret Cropped Skinnies, Zara Heels, eBay Find Vintage Clutch, Michael Kors Watch, Erica Lyons Necklace, Versona Accessories Ring

Where Am I: Lakepoint Center

Ceramic Print Zara Blazer

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47 thoughts on “The Summer Classic: White Denim

  1. Absolutely lovely blazer! I love white jeans in the summer because they instantly brighten any color you pair them with. Those pumps are the perfect addition to this look!

  2. Love from head to toe!Amazing jacket indeed 🙂 Love their pants wih the same print too..
    I’m so into clutches too these days.Need to invest on some

  3. Glad you nixed the navy T idea. I think the white on white looks perfect with the blazer. And you look great! I wear white jeans with so many pieces – blazers, tees, flowy tops. They’re like the summer version of my favorite pair of winter denim.

  4. Love this look. I have a pair of white denim but i’m terrified of wearing them and getting them dirty. Love how you styled it with the printed jacket. Great outfit Kenya.

    Last day to enter my sephora giveaway and please stop by thursday and link up to my weekly tres-chic fashion link up.


    • Thanks Agi! I know…. that is the definite downside to white… the sheer fear of messing it up — which with my butterfingers I usually do! I was lucky on this day – no mishaps!

      xo, Kenya

  5. Kenya, I hope you wear white more often because you look fabulous! And that blazer is to die for! I love the white on white, it gives your blazer an added pop! White hot:)
    Damn zara. It’s like being a kid in a candy store on their site.LOL
    I wear white in the summer but I will admit that I’m always paranoid of getting dirty!ha ha

  6. What a beautiful blazer, Kenya! It reminds me of the Valentino pieces we saw at Paris Fashion Week, so delicate and feminine and lovely – and it looks perfect against your white outfit!

  7. I can’t even remember the last pair of white jeans I owned. I definitely wouldn’t mind owning another pair. So many outfit options to play with. Love the blazer too.

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