The Summer Sweater

Mint Polka Dot J. Crew Sweater I have to be completely honest with you…  I never quite understood people who would wear long sleeves in the summer.  I’d see these people and immediately shake my head.  What could they be thinking?  It’s hot outside for goodness sake!!  I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I have never wore long sleeves in summer, of course I have … prior to my job  going business casual I didn’t really have a choice … but to make an actual fashion decision to wear long sleeves in the summer?  Well, that would be ridiculous, right?   Right…?

Mint Polka Dot J. Crew Sweater Yeah, I’m not so sure anymore.  My fashion rules have definitely evolved over time…  in particular since starting the blog.  I am completely ok with long sleeves and shorts now (which was absolutely laughable to me just a few years back), blazers with shorts and yes, even the summertime sweater.  I would have never worn any of these things 3 years ago…  it would have seemed so silly to me.  But I love this look now!

Mint Polka Dot J. Crew Sweater I picked this sweater up from J. Crew initially simply for the fabulous print (polka dots!!) and the beautiful color combo (mint and blue) but once I tried it on, I loved it even more so because it is so lightweight.  Absolutely perfect for a summer day out.  I wore this look to an afternoon movie matinee the other day…  it was just fine in the humidity of the day (and it kept me comfortable in the chilly theater).

What do you think?

Zara Distressed DenimWhat I’m Wearing: J. Crew  Sweater, Zara Distressed Jeans, J. Crew Mint Heels, Vintage Gucci Clutch, Gucci Sunnies

Where Am I: AMC Pineville

Are you wearing any non-typical summer items this year?  How is your fashion style evolving?

Mint Polka Dot J. Crew Sweater

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The Distressed Denim Pencil Skirt

Zara Distressed Denim Pencil SkirtI guess it is official…. distressed denim is definitely trending hard right now!  I mean we all know that distressed denim never completely disappears from fashion circles but….  it definitely seems that this trend is getting some extra work in this spring and summer!

Zara Distressed Denim Pencil SkirtThere is just something about slipping on a pair of distressed jeans that immediately makes you feel ultra chic, ultra sexy and just plain cool!  For me, I am loving the versatility of the styles that are available right now – in particular skinnies and boyfriend cuts.  But what’s even cooler (and where I have been a little more adventurous) is all of the distressed denim styles available beyond just denim jeans.

Yep, that’s right — distressed cutoffs, distressed denim vests and even distressed denim skirts!  If you’ve been thinking about trying this look out… now is definitely the time!  Added bonus — distressed denim looks are fabulous dressed up or dressed down.  With so many choices…  it’s easy to make your own!

Zara Distressed Denim Pencil Skirt What I’m Wearing: Forever 21 Peplum Top, Zara Distressed Denim Pencil Skirt, Enzo Angiolini Heels, Gucci Vintage Clutch, Gucci Aviator Sunnies, Versona Accessories

Where Am I: Cracker Barrel

Are you a distressed denim fan yet?  How are you rocking it?

Zara Distressed Denim Pencil Skirt

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OOTD: Summertime Blues

Chambray Blazer and Pencil SkirtIt’s been an unusually rainy month here in Charlotte (and for much of the south east).  Summers in the south are normally hot and humid with a fair share of thunderstorms in the afternoon.  But this summer’s weather has been extreme, with almost a tropical feel to it.  Rain and storms have been popping up out of nowhere.  Sunny one minute, monsoon the next, back sunny again.  (It has actually started raining since I started writing this post).

Anyway, it’s put a little bit of a damper on typical summertime outdoor activities and definitely has limited my photo takes for the blog… as Mother Nature’s schedule hasn’t always been aligning with mine.

Chambray Blazer and Pencil SkirtWith that…  today’s look is actually an outfit that I wore earlier in the week (during one of the non-rainy moments) to work.  I first put it together to attend a leadership conference near the beginning of summer.  I liked it so much that I thought it would a perfect business casual look for the office! My inspiration was that “chambray shirt and pencil skirt” ensemble that has become so popular lately… but I decided to add a twist by trading out the chambray shirt for a chambray blazer.  The blazer has so many great details that provide lots of options to play around with.  I loved the green lining so much that I decided to cuff the sleeves and add my own green accents.

What do you think?

What I’m Wearing: Gap Blazer, J. Crew Tee, Ann Taylor Loft Pencil Skirt, Zara Heels, Frock Candy Belt, J. Crew Statement Necklace, Louis Vuitton Clutch, Tumi Sunglasses

Where Am I: Shopton Road Center

And, by the way…  yep — by the end of this post…. the sun is out and shining brightly again!  Have a great week everyone!!!

Chambray Blazer and Pencil Skirt

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Styling White Shorts

How to Style White ShortsIf you know me, you know that my style choices tend to run in themes.  And right now…  I am all about florals, all about peplums and apparently… all about white!  Not sure how the white thing happened but I am definitely loving it at the moment.

How to Style White ShortsNow, I actually purchased these white shorts from Ann Taylor last summer.  That’s right – last summer – and they have literally been sitting in my closet – tags attached – for the last year or so.  But after styling my white denim post a few weeks back, I decided to “pop the tags” on these bad boys!

Printed Blazer The trick with these is that they are short and *ahem* rather fitted let’s just say.  So… I really wanted to contrast the top half of the look with something longer and looser fitting.  (While short shorts are definitely “in” right now…  Short tight shorts with short tight tops aren’t very flattering!).  Adding the printed blazer, white tee and the leather clutch balanced it out more and made it a more classic yet still fun look.

What I’m Wearing: Harve Benard Blazer (Marshall’s really old), J. Crew Tee, Ann Taylor Shorts, Zara Heels, Louis Vuitton Vintage Clutch, Tumi Sunglasses, J. Crew Necklace (old)

Where Am I: Shopton Road Center

Are you wearing white shorts?  If so, how are you styling them?

How Do you Style White Shorts

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Workin’ the Floral Dress at Work

Zara Dress

If you haven’t already noticed, I am loving me some florals right now.   And no matter how I’ve tried to curb my appetite for the trend, I always seem to find myself obsessing over every possible floral clothing item.

Zara Floral DressMy latest obsession….  the floral dress.  Now, I have to admit that I found the idea of full body florals a little more intimidating than say a floral skirt or floral pants but the truth is…  the floral dress is quite versatile and can be an extremely flattering look if done properly.  Floral dresses can be dressed up or dressed down and they are a great day to night option.

Zara Floral Dress

Zara DressThat was definitely an appealing aspect for this particular dress from Zara.  Aside from the fabulously bold print, I loved that I could wear this look to a Sunday brunch, on a night out with the girls or in this instance to the office — just by changing a few key things.  Since the print itself was so bold, I decided to pair it down a little by adding a neutral colored cropped blazer.  But of course I could not resist adding on the yellow heels — just for a little fun!

Zara Floral Dress

What I’m Wearing: Zara Floral Dress, Victoria’s Secret Cropped Blazer, J. Crew Skinny Belt, Nine West Heels, Prada Purse, Versona Accessories, Michael Kors Watch

Where Am I: No Da District (see more cool photos below)

No Da Graffiti

No Da Graffiti

No Da Graffiti

How are you workin’ florals??

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