The Summer Sweater

Mint Polka Dot J. Crew Sweater I have to be completely honest with you…  I never quite understood people who would wear long sleeves in the summer.  I’d see these people and immediately shake my head.  What could they be thinking?  It’s hot outside for goodness sake!!  I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I have never wore long sleeves in summer, of course I have … prior to my job  going business casual I didn’t really have a choice … but to make an actual fashion decision to wear long sleeves in the summer?  Well, that would be ridiculous, right?   Right…?

Mint Polka Dot J. Crew Sweater Yeah, I’m not so sure anymore.  My fashion rules have definitely evolved over time…  in particular since starting the blog.  I am completely ok with long sleeves and shorts now (which was absolutely laughable to me just a few years back), blazers with shorts and yes, even the summertime sweater.  I would have never worn any of these things 3 years ago…  it would have seemed so silly to me.  But I love this look now!

Mint Polka Dot J. Crew Sweater I picked this sweater up from J. Crew initially simply for the fabulous print (polka dots!!) and the beautiful color combo (mint and blue) but once I tried it on, I loved it even more so because it is so lightweight.  Absolutely perfect for a summer day out.  I wore this look to an afternoon movie matinee the other day…  it was just fine in the humidity of the day (and it kept me comfortable in the chilly theater).

What do you think?

Zara Distressed DenimWhat I’m Wearing: J. Crew  Sweater, Zara Distressed Jeans, J. Crew Mint Heels, Vintage Gucci Clutch, Gucci Sunnies

Where Am I: AMC Pineville

Are you wearing any non-typical summer items this year?  How is your fashion style evolving?

Mint Polka Dot J. Crew Sweater

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30 thoughts on “The Summer Sweater

  1. Love this sweater – I had it another color and have yet to wear it. I totally agree with you about how blogging has evolved how I style my clothes. It has def gotten me to take more risk with fashion choices. I love this sweater for the summer and may need to dig out of my winter bin. I think as long as the sweater is not a heavy wool…it can be worn all year round.

    BTW – love the mint heels!

  2. Beautiful! I used to be amazed at the whole shorts/blazer/sweater thing as well. I couldn’t imagine wearing long sleeves in summer mainly because it was so humid. But then I realized that people on the West coast experienced dry heat, something that’s quite foreign to us on the East coast…haha. I think it’s such a fun look and yours is perfect.

  3. LOVING this sweater! I adore polka dots…and these large ones are too adorable 🙂 And mint it like my favorite color this season 🙂 I am guilty of wearing long sleeves in the summer…a lot 😛 The things we do for fashion!!

  4. I completely agree with you on this.Even now I say I can’t wear sweaters in the summer,lets see haha how much I can resist 😛 This is fashion,you can never say never girl!
    And I love your outfit actually,that sweater looks amazing on you,the colour shines!

  5. Love this sweater! The colour looks fantastic on you Kenya!
    Lol! I’m one of those people that wears sweaters and long sleeves in the summer! Never on our crazy hot days but if the temps are in the mid 20(celsius)…you might catch me in light long sleeves! Weird, right?!?
    xo, Jackie

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