OOTD: The Pink Jersey Dress

Ann Taylor Jersey DressI’ve never really been a huge fan of the jersey dress.  Not that I was a jersey dress hater necessarily but… I just never really gravitated to them. Some jersey dresses can look a little *ahem* “inexpensive” at times and they have a nasty habit of clinging to all of the wrong places!  (That = not cute my friends)!

Ann Taylor Jersey DressBut my recent Ann Taylor shopping haul may have helped me turn the corner on my jersey dress opposition!

Ann Taylor Jersey DressI picked up this find during Ann Taylor’s recent semi annual sale.  Regular price $98.  I got it for $16!!  Yes – $16.  But, the crazy thing is… it was a complete toss up!  I really wasn’t expecting to finding anything.  I mean, I was on the hunt for a few good dresses (I’ve been majorly obsessed with wearing dresses and skirts to work lately) but let’s be honest, by the time you get to most semi-annual sales, there is usually little of interest left or if it is of interest… it is not in your size!  But somehow, the shopping fairies were on my side this time!

Ann Taylor Jersey DressAnd I am glad that they were… this dress may be one of my favorites!  Besides being my favorite color, I absolutely love how it hugs all of my curves… but not in an unflattering or sleazy way.  It is the perfect!  I added the gold belt and mint shoes for a little more pop and…  there you have it…  a great day to night look!

J. Crew Mint HeelsWhat I’m Wearing: Ann Taylor Jersey Dress, J. Crew Mint Shoes, Michael Kors Belt, J. Crew Chain Link Necklace, Prada Bag

Where Am I: Lakepoint

Have you changed your mind on any fashion items lately?

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Ann Taylor Jersey Dress

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31 thoughts on “OOTD: The Pink Jersey Dress

  1. Hi,
    I love this color, and it looks great on you. Thank you also for an interesting article. I love Ann Taylor’s clothing. She had an area in a department store in Aschaffenburg, Germany but decided to close it. I still have a beautifully tailored black jacket from her that I am still wearing.
    Great article and I appreciate that you gave me information about a designer that I love.

    • Awww… thanks Pat!! I love Ann Taylor! She is definitely one of my favorites! So many great, classic pieces and to your point… these pieces can last for years! Thanks so much for the feedback too and for visiting the blog!!

      xo, Kenya

  2. Ok, Kenya, following your blog is becoming an expensive habit 😉 Just picked up this dress–wasn’t $16, but still a steal at $24.

  3. That was a superb find! That color always looks great on you. The gold and mint accessories were the perfect finish.

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