Jacquard Print Pants

Banana Republic Jacquard Print PantMy latest obsession has definitely been the jacquard print pant. Maybe on some level this is my fashion subconscious beginning to plan for the transition to fall….  as I have been on a real mission to pick up some of these bad boys lately.

Banana Republic Jacquard Print PantI did have a few swing and misses of course, prior to settling on a couple of pairs that I really liked. I initially went after a pair from J. Crew Factory (in my typical J. Crew size) but somehow not being able to pull them up over my thighs severely hindered that plan!  ** On a somewhat related side rant… When will we see consistent sizing from at least within the same designer? Come on already! *

Banana Republic Jacquard Print PantAnyway, of course my outrage only fueled my obsession to have a pair even more.  Luckily my fashion hunt landed on several other jacquard print pants that I adored.

Banana Republic Jacquard Print PantThis particular pair is from Banana Republic.  I really love the print and the color combo on these.  While I wore them to work with a more traditional button down shirt, I can see many other options for these pants that would work outside of the office.  I’ll be trying out some of those soon.  I love that these pants are a great transition piece and just a cool new twist on the modern trouser!

What I’m Wearing: Victoria’s Secret Poplin Button Down, Banana Republic Jacquard Print Pants, Nine West Blue Suede Heels, Gucci Boston Joy Purse, J. Crew Chainlink Necklace, Michael Kors MK Boyfriend Watch, Versona Accessories

Where Am I: Lakepoint Center

What do you think of jacquard print pants?

Banana Republic Jacquard Print Pant

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52 thoughts on “Jacquard Print Pants

  1. Lookin’ sharp Kenya! Very cool print! You picked a great colour that can transition with you into fall.
    For whatever reason I’ve been fall shopping too…probably because of the cooler weather but either way I’m loving the fall colours!
    I agree with you on sizing, it annoys me to no end the lack of consistent sizing…especially when i’m shopping online!! Grr
    Xo, Jackie

    • Thanks Jackie!! I know…. I actually do the majority of my shopping online now so nothing frustrates me more!!! Ughh…. Anyway, it worked out perfectly because I was able to find my way to this great pair!

      xo, Kenya

  2. Love the pants and I totally agree about the size discrepancy. I swear they like to change things up every few years. Great outfit.

    Don’t forget to link up this thursday for my weekly Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link Up.



    • Yes, they are. I picked on J. Crew but it happens all the time honestly! J. Crew was on the receiving end of my cumulative frustration! Lol! Anyway, I’m loving jacquard print right now! Adds a little more uumph!!

      xo, Kenya

  3. I love those pants, with the shoes and top! The whole look is really vibrant and great! That sizing problem happened to me yesterday. You would think that the same retailer would at least have consistent sizing in their own clothes!!

  4. That is my biggest pet peeve too! I hate when sizing varies within the same store or designer. It’s crazy. But I love those trousers on you!! I am obsessed with printed trousers too and can’t wait to wear them this fall/winter. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! ❤


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  7. Well hello, hello!!!!!!!! I love your blog. You are fierce and beautiful. Love the print on the pants. I have been trying to find the like button so that I can like your post, but I can’t find them for all of your posts. Have you disabled them? Any way, girl, you have a new follower over here. When I get home today, I am going to kick my feet up and scroll through your blog! Have a great day, 🙂

    • Lol! Thanks Nicky! So glad you found it too!! 🙂

      The like button should be at the end of each post or you can also do it at the top of the page also!! I checked out your blog as well and have followed you too! Can’t wait to see more from you!!

      xo, Kenya

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