OOTD: The Target Multi-Print Ankle Pant

Target Labwork Multi Print Ankle PantThose of you who have been following the blog for awhile already know that I love Target.  It is absolutely one of my favorite places to shop.  I go there every weekend.  Sometimes I have specific reasons to go…. sometimes I just go to look around.  But my weekend does not feel complete until I’ve made it there!

Target Labwork Multi Print Ankle PantSo when I was on a mission to find the perfect printed pants a few months ago, Target was one of the places that I decided to check out.  I must admit that I’ve really taken to their clothes over the past few years.  Perhaps it’s because they’ve started to partner with some pretty fabulous fashion designers…  But regardless… whatever it is, they have definitely stepped up their fashion game!

Target Labwork Multi Print Ankle PantTake these fabulous pants for example….  I completely fell in love with the print as soon as I saw it!  The pastel colors and swirl patterns made this look such a unique twist on the printed pant!

Target Labwork Multi Print Ankle PantI decided to pair a simple white blazer and tee with the look to ensure the print was the true focal point. Overall,  I think it turned out pretty good.  Added bonus value: The pants were so affordable ($34.99 at the time and I just checked online – now on clearance for $12.24)….  not to mention that this look (and pant) transfers easily from day to night.Target Labwork Multi Print Ankle Pant

What I’m Wearing: Victoria’s Secret Blazer, J. Crew Tee, Target Lapworks Multi-Print Ankle Pant, Zara Heels, Louis Vuitton Vintage Clutch, J. Crew Chainlink Necklace, Gucci Aviator Sunnies

Where Am I: Bland Street Station

What are some of your favorite fashion finds from Target?

Target Labwork Multi Print Ankle Pant

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55 thoughts on “OOTD: The Target Multi-Print Ankle Pant

  1. Ok, I have not seen those pants at my Target ;-P I really like how you paired the pants with white (as you mentioned), to give the pants the spot light.


  2. Hello! This is the perfect summer outfit. It’s a fabulous print and you’ve styled them perfectly! On another note, I can’t believe you got your pants at Target! My Target has nothing like that…but that’s Canada for you and ours just recently opened up.
    How excited are you for the 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target collection?

    Xo, Jackie

    • Thanks Jackie!! Lol! I thought you were going to say you can’t believe I didn’t get them on sale!!! Haha!! I am super excited to the Phillip Lim collab!! Can’t wait! The lookbook is awesome!

      xo, Kenya

      • Thats right! lol! Do you feel cheated?
        I’m pump for his collaboration with Target. The look book is amazing especially that leather jackie. I’m also torn about his bag collection. I was going to get the philip lim Pashli satchel as gift for my bday but now I see he had some similar style in appearance for this collaboration…The Target version isn’t leather and not nearly as pricey. What should I do? Fashion girl problems!

  3. Target has some amazing pieces! I love when they collaborate with high-end designers like Jason Wu and such!

    Those pants are gorgeous – I love how you highlight them by keeping the rest of your outfit minimalist. I may have to go to Target and find a similar pair :]


    • Thanks so much Deborah! Target is definitely coming up! They’ve had some fab collabs and I am personally looking forward to the Philip Lim one coming up next month!!!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

      xo, Kenya

  4. This is simply just beautiful. I love a white blazer over anything. I just purchase a new one from H&M I can’t wait to wear it. You look lovely my dear K.

  5. Very cute pants! Such a great look. I’m a bit excited for their Phillip Lim collaboration – when the Prabal Gurung collection came out, I thought that was my favorite. But I think the Phillip Lim one tops it!

  6. Believe me! I know exactly how you feel about target! I almost got those exact pants last week too! They just opened some new stores here in Canada this Spring/Summer and I was so excited when I got in there 2 days ago! Mostly because they carry the same stuff as you guys in the US! 😀


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