In the Buff…

Nude HeelsI am having a serious love affair with nude heels right now!  I mean I am absolutely obsessed!   Now, keep in mind that I don’t really know when this addiction started, but it was certainly confirmed when I picked up my 4th pair of “nude”ish heels this past weekend!!  Yep, that’s right…  FOURTH pair!

Nude Heels To me…  it’s the subtle elegance of the nude heel that is so appealing.  In fact I’d venture to say that nude is the new black.  But I don’t think nude heels are just a casual trend…  I think the nude heel has become a classic piece in its own right.  I mean I actually find myself not wanting to wear traditional black pumps any more (even with an all black look) — I’d rather wear nude pumps instead.  The crazy thing is..  although it’s nude… it’s still a way to add a little subtle “pop” to a look and change things up if you’re bored with the traditional “pop” of color.  Try something different and well…  add a pop of nude!

What I’m Wearing: Bobeau Top, Zara Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, 9 Boutique Heels, Gucci Boston Purse, Gucci Sunnies

Where Am I: Water Ridge Parkway

What do you think of nude heels?  Ready to declare them a classic?

Nude Heels

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42 thoughts on “In the Buff…

  1. that is a great nude for you. i just tried those on yesterday sadly the color was a too light for me, what a shame bc they were on sale and didn’t feel too uncomfortable.

    • Awww… bummer! They are actually pretty comfortable. I wore them out shopping the other day (believe it or not) and they lasted pretty good. Hopefully you can find the right pair for you soon! I think nude is must have!!

      xo, Kenya

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