Trend Alert: The Stylish Sweatshirt

3.1 Philip Lim for Target Boom SweatshirtI can not tell you the last time I actually wore a sweatshirt intentionally as a part of my look.  Not that the sweatshirt is horrible… it’s just for the most part, I have saved them for lazy days around the house or a quick trip to the grocery store.  But with so many cool, chic and fashionable sweatshirts ripping the runways and in stores this fall…  I have quickly changed my opinion on the purpose of this old closet stand-by!

3.1 Philip Lim for Target Boom SweatshirtYep, that’s right…  The sweatshirt has gotten a makeover!  And we are talking a million dollar makeover too!  Fantastic colors and prints (like leopard and plaid), awesome embellishments (like jewels and feathers), and fabulous fabrics and textures (like leather and lace).  In fact, this new and fashionable sweatshirt can be a great alternative to that knit sweater that you are thinking about wearing and can even be styled very similarly to a sweater as well!  And even better yet, this reinvented look can be just as versatile too!  Pair it with jeans, a skirt or  shorts…. dress it up or dress it down!  I just love it!

3.1 Philip Lim for Target Boom SweatshirtOf course, I picked up this one as part of the 3.1 Philip Lim for Target madness – mostly because it was just SO fun!  I decided to layer it with a chambray button down, jeans and boots.  But there are so many more possibilities with this guy (and the others I’ve grabbed up — lace and leather included) that I will feature in future posts!3.1 Philip Lim for Target Boom Sweatshirt

3.1 Philip Lim for Target Boom Sweatshirt

What I’m Wearing: 3.1 Philip Lim for Target Boom Sweatshirt, J. Crew Polka Dot Chambray Button Down, Joe’s Distressed Skinny Ankle Jeans, Zara Ankle Boots and Vintage Gucci Clutch

Where Am I: Shopton Road Plaza

Are you loving fashionable sweatshirts right now?  How are you rocking ’em?

3.1 Philip Lim for Target Boom Sweatshirt

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I Think Colored Leather is Back!

Loft Faux Leather SkirtOkay, so it’s no surprise that leather is one of the hottest looks for fall right now but am I the only one noticing that there is something a little different this go around? Yep, there has been a major color explosion in leather this fall. And I must admit… I am pleasantly surprised and perhaps even a little in love with it!

Loft Faux Leather Skirt Now keep in mind that in the past when I would think of colored leather, my mind would always go back to images of Eddie Murphy in red leather pants (or even better the all leather red suit)! Hmmm… Not such a good look!  I mean I know we thought that was hot back then but looking back on it… I’m just not sure.

Loft Faux Leather Skirt Anyway, even with that, I can’t not love colored leather right now! I have picked up more than my share of colored leather skirts and shorts and I think it’s simply because they’re not all black! So, when I saw this skirt from Ann Taylor, I knew I had to have it. I liked this one in particular because it’s a way for me to rock leather looks at work!

Loft Faux Leather SkirtOf course I may look back on this 20 years from now and ask myself what was I thinking but for now… I’m loving it!

What I’m wearing: Victoria’s Secret Poplin Shirt, Ann Taylor Faux Leather and Ponte Skirt, Gunmetal Booties (really old), Tory Burch Tote

Where Am I: Lakepoint Plaza

Have you gotten into the colored leather trend yet? How are you working the look?

Loft Faux Leather Skirt

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OOTD: Animal Print and Metallics

How to Wear Metallics - Phillip Lim for Target Animal Print Sweater, Zara Metallic Heels, Stella McCartney Blush BagI have, in my usual fashion, become obsessed with all things metallic!  It is absolutely my favorite trend at the moment!  So, no surprise….   I’ve been trying to feed my fix by grabbing up some goodies with that fabulous metallic flair.

How to Wear Metallics - Phillip Lim for Target Animal Print Sweater, Zara Metallic Heels, Stella McCartney Blush BagNow, the awesome thing about this trend is that there are tons and tons of ways to rock it….  from clothes to shoes to bags to accessories.  And not just in silver and gold…  nope…. it’s all about awesome blushes, gunmetals and all out colored metallics too!  If it is metallic, it IS the thing to rock right now!

How to Wear Metallics - Phillip Lim for Target Animal Print Sweater, Zara Metallic Heels, Stella McCartney Blush BagFor me, I’ve definitely been loving all the metallic shoes, bags and accessories!  These pieces are such great neutrals (so they pair well with so many things) yet they are perfect accents for an everyday look — just enough to give it a little extra oomph!  The other cool thing is that these items are good starter pieces if you are a little unsure of how to wear the trend!

How to Wear Metallics - Phillip Lim for Target Animal Print Sweater, Zara Metallic Heels, Stella McCartney Blush BagWhat I’m Wearing: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Animal Print Sweater, Zara Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, Zara Blush Metallic Heels, Stella McCartney Falabella Blush Tote, Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch, Rose Gold Accesories

Where Am I: Water Ridge Parkway

Are you loving metallics right now?  How are you wearing the trend?

How to Wear Metallics - Phillip Lim for Target Animal Print Sweater, Zara Metallic Heels, Stella McCartney Blush Bag

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Trendy Timepieces: Color Makes a Comeback

iKen WatchI don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this before but I am a bit of a watch freak!  I love watches…  always have.  I’m not sure what my fascination is with them exactly but they are an essential accessory for me — in fact, it may be one of my favorite accessories!  As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a pretty good collection of them!

iKen WatchAnyway, one thing that I’ve noticed as I’ve been perusing for new time keepers is that watches seem to be having their own “moment in time” (so to speak).  It’s not just about those traditional gold or silver boyfriend watches anymore…  nope — add some color, patterns and prints to the mix now!  There are so many styles to choose from…  classic to contemporary to modern — it’s easy to make a watch your statement piece right now!

iKen WatchSo, of course when iKen watches offered me a chance to try one of their interchangeable timepieces…  I could not have been more excited!!  After checking out their site, I fell in love with the concept of creating a fully customizable piece — all with vivid color combinations!  From the casing, to the bezel, to the the straps… right down to the face!

iKen WatchYep, I was completely sold and pretty giddy!!  Such an on trend idea — I love my creation!  It has turned out to be another fabulous piece to add to my collection!  Thanks iKen Watches!!

What I’m Wearing: Project Social Tee, Zara Jeans, Zara Distressed Denim Jeans, Express Clutch, iKen Watch (c/o iKen Watches), Zara Heels

Where Am I: Ballyntyne Village

Are you rockin’ the new watch looks?  Which is your favorite?

iKen Watch

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#TOPSHOPxNORDSTROM Blogger Trunk Party

What to Wear to Blogger and Trunk PartyWell, lovelies, the countdown is almost over!!  Yep, after much anticipation, there is only one more day until the official launch of Topshop at Nordstrom!!  That’s right….  the official debut will be on Saturday morning (so set your alarm clocks now girlfriends!).  And, believe me, for those of us who do not have access to a Topshop store locally — this is HUGE news!

Now, in celebration of this fabulous release, I had the opportunity to participate in a preview of the collection itself as part of a Blogger Party and Trunk Show that Nordstrom sponsored earlier this week!  Of course I was so stoked over the invitation itself but even more excited once I got there!!!


Nordstrom did an awesome job (Leigh and Megan in particular – thank you!) in making all of us feel welcome and special.  There were so many goodies to greet us!TopshopxNordstrom Trunk Party

TopshopxNordstrom Trunk PartyAnd special gifts throughout the evening.


But the most fun part was that we actually had a chance to try on pieces of the collection during the evening!  I found so many looks that I absolutely fell in love with (I even pre-ordered a few!!! – Yes, I know “Bad Kenya!!”). Several fierce and edgy jumpsuits and so many cute dresses! Topshop Green ShiftTopshop Black and White JumpsuitLoved, loved, loved!   Anyway, it was a completely fabulous night!

My other favorite part was just having an opportunity to either see again some of my local blogger friends (the fabulous Pamela from Yes It Is, Kevin)Pamela from Yes, It Is Kevin

or meet new local Charlotte bloggers (Tiffany from Love, Tipper – such a sweetie!).

Tiffany from Love, Tipper

I’ve felt those opportunities have been quite limited in Charlotte in the past but I see this changing and am really excited about it!!

What I’m Wearing: Fire Los Angeles Denim Jacket, Zara Tee, Zara Faux Leather Skirt, Zara Heels, Vintage Fendi Purse, J. Crew Chain Link Necklace, Michael Kors Belt

Where Am I: Nordstrom Savvy Dept

Topshopx Nordstrom

Are you excited for this debut?  What is your favorite Topshop item?

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Vegas Style – 40th Birthday Celebration!

Birthday Suit - Vegas If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I just celebrated the big 4-0 in Vegas this past weekend!  That’s right the big 4-0!!! (Who can even believe that btw).  Anyway, I had such an amazing time!!  I had been to Vegas before, about 10 years ago.  I  enjoyed myself then but I was so blown away by just how much Vegas has changed since then — in a good way!

Vegas Skyline

I think the thing that I love the most about Vegas is that the fashion follows the “anything goes” rule…  you can wear sequins and 5 inch heels at 10am in the morning if you want and no one is going to even give it a second thought!  It’s such an opportunity to look fabulous for no reason at all and believe me, me and my girlfriends definitely took every advantage of that!!

Shopping at The Fashion Show Mall (Tinley Road Faux Leather Peplum, Zara Jeans, Zara Booties, Gucci Sunnies, Zara Clutch, J. Crew Chain Link Necklace):

Tinley Road Peplum

A Night Out at Mandalay Bay for the Cirque de Soleil’s Michael Jackson Experience — which was absolutely incredible btw (Zara Dress, Vince Camuto Heels, Urban Expressions Purse, Zara Pearl Necklace):Zara Black & White One Sleeve Dress

Bonus tip…  the 5 inch heels may not last long if you are walking for awhile so do be sure to bring along a pair of flats to switch into.  I was super glad that I had packed these bad boys (Flats to Go c/o kushyfoot) just in case.  Popped them on several times throughout the trip! Definitely came in handy!  And they are cute and comfy too!  Thanks kushyfoot!!!

Flats To Go - kushyfoot

What I’m Wearing (First Photo – Day Birthday Look): Victoria’s Secret Sheer Tie Blouse, Banana Republic Jeans, Michael Kors Belt, Urban Expressions Purse, Vince Camuto Heels

Where Am I: Vegas Baby!!

What do you love about Vegas?  What is your favorite thing to wear while there?