Beach Bound…

Well, I am officially on vacation!!  And believe you me, it is much needed.  But no rest just yet —  I’ve been running around like crazy for the last few hours trying to get everything ready.  In fact, I am actually taking a break right now from my last minute packing frenzy (of course…) just to blog.

So a couple of quick updates…. 1st off, I just  purchased my 1st SLR camera – a red Nikon D3100!  I love it!!  I mean – it’s red for goodness sake!!  How cool is that?  So, I’ve mentioned before that taking photos is not an easy task for me, it just doesn’t come naturally — and of course, taking them with an outdated Cybershot or the trusty iPhone just hasn’t seemed to work out too well.  So, I did my research and committed to the D3100.  It seems like an awesome camera so far and I am eager to post future blogs with photos from it.  And perfect timing — I should have plenty of scenery at the beach — so I’ll have plenty of time to practice.

2nd, I am meeting with a local sewing contractor tomorrow morning to kick off my jacket design project!!  I’m  just so excited about it — but I’ll be honest — a little nervous too.  She seems great,  has a great portfolio, and solid experience doing runs for small companies and start-ups.  So, it feels right but we’ll see how it goes after this initial consultation.  I’m going with the navy wide pinstripe fabric and pink plaid pattern combo for the 1st blazer.  Wish me luck!

And of course, I could not close out the week without sharing my latest favorite fashion ensemble.  I’ve always been a fan of the jumpsuit.  It’s such as simple concept – classic yet chic.  So, when I found this one at Ann Taylor Loft — I couldn’t pass it up.  Now, for me, the key to a great jumpsuit is to cinch the waist, so I added one of my favorite belts to it.  And you know, I couldn’t help but feel a little Farrah Fawcett/Charlie’s Angels in this!!  You just feel sexy.  So, there you go….  Loved it.

What I am Wearing: Ann Taylor Loft Jumpsuit, BCBG Sandals, B-Low the Belt Braided Hip Belt, Versona Accessories Necklace

Happy Weekend everyone — Next blog – From the beach!!!!