OOTD: My Magna Carter Tour Look

What to wear to a concertFirst off…  Happy New Year lovelies!!!!  I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season! It’s so hard to believe that it’s 2014!!

What to wear to a concertAnyway, the new year is off to a great start!!!  I’m super relaxed after a long break from work (I go back tomorrow – ugh) and a break from online too (I missed you guys though)! I’ve got lots of exciting changes to come this year!  You’ll probably notice that the blog looks a little different today and that’s because I am going to be moving to a self hosted blog in the next day or so.  Once the transition is complete (by Tuesday or so), the blog should look pretty much the same.  This change will allow me a lot more flexibility with the blog.  For instance, it will be much easier for me to to host giveaways!  Yay! So, look for some pretty fun and exciting things coming up soon!

What to wear to a concertNow… on to today’s look!  I’ve always been a huge Jay Z fan!!  I’m talking way back in the day before Bey, before Magna Carta and before hanging with the Pres!  Yep… I’ve always loved Jay Z.  He is definitely one of the greatest lyricists of all time! But I had NEVER seen him in concert.  So, when I found out one of his stops on the Magna Carta Tour would be Charlotte… umm… you know I had to get tickets!

Jay Z CollageOf course he did not disappoint!!  The show was absolutely crazy!  We had great seats and the crowd was bananas! It was so live, it was ridiculous!!  Jay did a little bit of everything too…  oldies, new stuff, collabos and free style…  he did it all!  It was great!  I’m so glad that I went!

What to wear to a concertI decided to put this look together for the show!  My only mistake (and I knew this before I even walked out the door but I always convince myself that it will be ok.  Yeah, right.) was the shoes!  My feet were killing me by the end of the night!!!  BUT I had a great time and I looked good!  (Sometimes that’s all that counts!)

What I’m Wearing: Loft Blazer, Leopard Infinity Loop Scarf (Gifted by my sister in law — She received it as a gift and did not want it??!! Are you kidding me?!), Forever 21 Tank, Old Navy Rock Star Coated Jeans, Zara Metallic Heels, Express Clutch, Rose Gold Accessories

Where Am I: Ayrsley Speciality Shops and the Concert

What to wear to a concertWhat new things are you excited about in 2014?  And what do you rock when you go to a concert? Let me know!!!

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OOTD: Fall Trend – 50 Shades of Blue

Loft Dress - Blue Fall TrendWell, friends this is the first official week of fall and I am already finding myself “falling” right in line (I know…  that was really bad… sorry, I just couldn’t resist!).  Seriously though, I’ve definitely been mentally making the transition to cooler weather, even before this official start of the autumn season.  For weeks now, I’ve been heading over to the cooler weather section of my closet, as I have been getting more and more bored with my summer duds!

Loft Dress - Blue Fall TrendNow, if  you haven’t already noticed, blue is going to be a big on trend color for this fall.  If you think about it, this regal hue was all over the runways and is certainly showing up in many collections and looks in the stores.  In fact, many celebrity fashionistas rocked it for the recent Emmy Awards.  I’m telling you, blue may be the new black!  And the thing I love about this color is all of the variations available….  from navy to cobalt to baby blues.  It is such an elegant and sophisticated color and looks great on just about everyone.

I picked up this particular dress from Ann Taylor Loft purely because it said autumn to me.  I loved the saddle colored accents and decided to pair it with a navy print button down just to add a little more pizazz.

Are you falling for blues this autumn?

What I’m Wearing: Loft Dress, Gap Button Down, 9 Boutique Heels, Gucci Boston Purse

Where Am I: Lakepoint Center

Loft Dress - Blue Fall Trend

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Summer Vacation Dress Code: Puerto Rico Edition

Summer Essentials for Beach Getaway
Hola mis amigos de blogs!!  That’s right, I’m back from a much needed getaway — 5 fabulous days in Puerto Rico and 5 amazing days in St. Thomas!  I had hoped to be blogging this real time for you all but unfortunately I left my iPad camera adapter at the house!  Despite my best tries — I always leave something!!

Puerto Rico - Old San JuanAnyway, this was my first trip to this beautiful island.  And while I have always heard amazing things about it  and was super stoked to go — actually being there far exceeded my expectations!  I can only describe San Juan as simply breathtaking.  There is so much culture in the city:

beautiful and historic architecture (view from top of Castillo de San Cristobal)Puerto Rico - Old San Juan

delicious local cuisine (Mofongo)Mofongo

great shopping at local shops like Hecho a Mano (I’m wearing a cute skirt that I picked up from there in my last photo)Hecho a Mano

Hecho a Manoand such amazing people!   I truly loved being in the city.  I felt so at home there. The city just comes alive and the spirit is so infectious!  5 days just wasn’t enough to take it all in honestly (which = planning more trips back right now).

In terms of attire, I decided to keep it fairly simple.  My essentials:

  • Hat.  If you’ve been following the blog from the beginning then you know a hat is a standard staple for me while on vacation…  in particular near water.  It’s an easy fix for hot and humid temps and keeps the sun off your face.
  • Cross body purse.  Must have to keep your personal items close to you.
  • Tanks/Tees.  Lightweight cotton items definitely help with the heat.
  • Shorts.  No need to explain further.
  • Summer Dresses and Skirts.  A definite for any beach getaway.

What I’m Wearing: Loft Tank, Loft Shorts, Vintage Gucci Boston Purse, Franco Sarto Sandals, Free Authority Fedora

Where Am I: Puerto Rico of course!!!!

Here are a few other highlights…

Old San Juan

Old San Juan Beach Old San JuanMe and My Sis In Law  in Old San Juan - Hecho a Mano Skirt What are you summer essentials while away?

Look out for my next post on St. Thomas!

And on a final note….  I was asked to consult on a recent style article on the one piece bathing suit trend in the Charlotte Observer.  Check it out when you get a moment!


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BOGO: Black & White and Florals

Spring Florals Today’s post is definitely a mixed medley of some of my favorite current fashion trends: black and white, florals and even spring brights.  Of course if you are a regular  reader of the blog, you know that I’m all over florals in particular right now.  And with spring finally deciding to arrive, I’ve been ultra inspired to rock much of the latest spring fashion.Spring Florals

Enter this black and white floral skirt from Loft.  As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was a must have for my closet!  So, what does this have to do with Buy One – Get One Free?  Well, everybody loves a 2 for 1 deal right?  Well, think about this skirt as the ultimate BOGO deal!

Buying this skirt to dip your toe into the floral trend = getting the black and white trend for free!!!Spring Florals

See how easy that works?  Ha!  I love it!!  Seriously, though, this is a pretty good combo and it is a fairly easy way to test out 2 trends at one time!

Versona Ring and Charming Charlie BraceletZara Pearl NecklaceWhat I’m Wearing: Loft Cardigan, Loft Ruffled Cami Tee, Loft Floral Skirt, Zara Heels, J. Crew Skinny Belt, Zara Pearl Necklace, Versona Accesssories Ring and Earrings, Charming Charlie Bracelet, Michael Kors Watch, Chloe Purse, Kate Spade Sunnies

Where Am I: Random Parking Lot

What favorite spring trends are you mixing up right now?

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DSC_0019Spring Florals

Perfect Party Style: The Feathered Tulle Skirt

DSC_0023Yep, it’s CIAA week in Charlotte!!  Yay!!!  So, what does that mean exactly, you ask?  Well…. 180,000 visitors to the city for the week and tons and tons and TONS of parties.  Parties during the day, parties at night, concerts, comedy shows and lots of celebrity sightings!  This is absolutely the biggest party week in Charlotte all year long.  Oh and I suppose I should mention that there is a CIAA Basketball Tournament going on too!

DSC_0020Of course, fashion and style are at their height during the week’s activities.  You absolutely MUST be at your most fabulous!  In fact,I’m always on the lookout for great looks throughout the year just for this week!  Crazy, right?DSC_0017

Anyway, this feathered tulle skirt is one of the looks that I picked up over the holidays.  It was on my wish list for Christmas and my brother and sister in law bought it for me.  When I added it to the list, I immediately knew it would be perfect for CIAA, it’s such a fun, party girl piece!!DSC_0038

Check out these other tulle skirt fashion inspirations on Chictopia.  I decided to style my look with a little bit more “rocker” edge.  What do you think?  What is your “go-to” party style?

What I’m Wearing: Blanc Noir Mot Jacket, B Jewel Tee, Ann Taylor Loft Tulle Skirt, J. Crew Skinny Belt, Michael Kors Python Booties, Urban Expressions Clutch, Versona Accessories Pearl NecklaceDSC_0049DSC_0047

Where Am I: Rivergate PlazaDSC_0051

Winter Florals

DSC_0016Florals have been on my winter obsession list pretty much all winter long.   In fact, I actually purchased this skirt before the end of last year.  But, I had been really challenged in finding the right thing to style it with… so challenged that I had almost given up on making it a winter time look…. until last night.

DSC_0013I decided to “reassess” my closet and came across these pieces.  I must admit this look definitely pushed my fashion comfort level (yes, even more than the dress over pants post).  And I had more than my share of love/hate moments throughout the day today.  Standing in the mirror this morning, I was ready to declare myself a fashion genius but after a few hours at work and a quick visit to the bathroom (and the mirror)… I started thinking more along the lines of #fashion fail!  DSC_0027The thing is…  floral prints already have so much color and pop — so it could be very easy to go too far.  I certainly didn’t want to be in that category but I also didn’t want to do the typical either.

At the end of the day, I like how the look turned out.  I decided to stay in the same general color scheme by pairing it with the printed chambray shirt, navy tights and blue suede heels and I think adding the navy blazer helped blend the pieces together.DSC_0018DSC_0036

What do you think?  How have you pushed your fashion comfort level lately?  Any love/hate moments to share?  Let me know!

What I’m Wearing: Nordstrom Rack Blazer, J. Crew Chambray Shirt, Ann Taylor Loft Floral Skirt, Nine West Suede Pumps, Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy

DSC_0033Where Am I: Yorkmount Cafe

Have a Great Week Everyone!!

Is Being Matchy-Matchy Really Faux Pas?

DSC_0050Ok, so this is the deal….  I know the matchy-matchy thing is considered a fashion no-no right now.  It’s all about being unpredictable and unexpected.  Stripes with plaids.  Camo jacket meet tulle skirt.  The more extreme… the better.  Which works, right?  Yes, it works…  until you get to a point where the unexpectedness becomes… well… expected!

DSC_0019Now, I’m not saying that I’m ready to go back to the days of matching head to toe coordinates and leisure suits (I’m not quite sure I was ever there) but I am saying maybe I don’t want to have to be unpredictable all the time.  Maybe I want things to coordinate occasionally.  Maybe… just maybe… I don’t want that pop of pink or yellow or red.  That’s right… I’d like to buck the system some days, you know?  Be a rebel!  And for today, bucking the system is coordinating!

How ironic that what was considered a fashion faux pas has somehow now become going against the norm.  Hilarious…DSC_0100

What I’m Wearing: Willow & Clay Sweater, J. Crew High Rise Skinnies, Marco Santi Booties, Tory Burch Bag, Loft Infinity Loop ScarfDSC_0051DSC_0012

Where Am I: Uptown Charlotte (which could not have been more beautiful that day) at the Mint and Levine Center of the Arts

How are you being a fashion “rebel” right now?