The Military Cap

Dorfman Pacific Scala Military CapThis may come as a shock to some of you but I love hats!  That’s right…  love them!  I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. My dad has always been a hat lover (he never leaves the house without one) so I suspect I got that gene from him!

Anyway, the crazy thing is… even though I completely adore hats, I never seem to wear them for my posts! I think in my mind I’ve created this rule that outfit posts should focus on the clothes!  But that rule (which I didn’t even know I consciously had) is completely ridiculous!  Hats are such a great accessory and an essential statement of personal style (in particular MY personal style)!

So, when Dorfman Pacific offered me this SCALA Cadet military cap, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to start showing some love for hats on the blog!

Dorfman Pacific Scala Military CapI must admit that I really LOVE this hat!  It is absolutely my style!   It’s super cute, comfy, well made, and quite versatile.  And it’s offered in a variety of colors and reasonably priced!   I already know it will quickly become one of my favorites.  In fact, I may have to pick up a couple of other colors!  Be sure to check out Dorfman Pacific when you get a moment too (I’ve seen quite a few other hats that may get some love from me soon!!)

Bobeau SweaterWhat I’m Wearing: SCALA Military Cadet Wool Cap (c/o Dorfman Pacific), Bobeau Sweater, Joe’s Ankle Skinny Jeans, Adrienne Vittadini Leopard Booties, Prada Purse

Adrienne Vittadini Leopard Booties

Are you a hat wearer?  What’s your favorite kind to rock?

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Faux Fur and Leopard Booties

DSC_0043If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know that I’ve been feverishly trying to get all of my last winter weather items in before the official start of spring.  Obviously, I am very quickly running out of time so this may very well be my last post where I feature something that is truly winter-esque!  I have to admit though that I am  a little over winter anyway.  It’s been a huge tease all season and now as we get close to the end….  it decides to show up.  Yep, I’m over it — I’m ready to start tackling those spring trends!!

DSC_0013But until then…  I thought I’d feature my final winter look.  I picked up this faux

fur from Nordstrom Rack prior to the end of the year last year.  At about $35, I thought it was a steal!  Mind you…  it is a little big and the sleeves are unusually long (note the photo where I mysteriously look like I have no right hand!!)

DSC_0016But overall, I like the jacket.  I mean it’s certainly not bad for $35 bucks!  I also love these leopard booties.  I decided to pair the two together just to give the look a little more edge.  While I am retiring the fur for awhile, please know you’ll be seeing much more of the booties!

DSC_0034What I’m Wearing: Sanctuary Surplus Faux Fur, Project Social Tee, Victoria Secret’s Skinnies, Adrienne Vittadini Leopard Booties, Chloe Bag, and the ever present J. Crew Statement Necklace

Are you ready for spring?  What last minute winter pieces are you getting in?  DSC_0026

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