OOTD: The Thrifted Blazer

How to wear a thrifted blazerI was going through my closet the other day trying to find something to wear and came across this blazer that I thrifted from Value Village earlier this year!  Yep…. that’s right…  I came across it.  I had actually forgotten all about it!  I think I picked it up near the transition to spring earlier this year.  And so it happened to stay very neatly hidden away in the dry cleaning bag until I happened to re-discover it again on Friday!

How to wear a thrifted blazerI’m so glad that I did.  Tweed is such a timeless piece that it was quite easy to grab up this blazer and make it my own.  And of course,  anybody that knows me knows that I am a complete sucker for a blazer, jeans and a tee ( it might as well be my official uniform)!!  So, there was really no question on how to style it!!  Throw in a little color with the oxblood heels and it’s a wrap!!

How to wear a thrifted blazerWhat I’m Wearing: Thrifted Blazer, Zara Tee, Zara Skinny Jeans, Zara Shoes, Zara Clutch (yes, it was a Zara kind of day) and Versona Accessories

Where Am I: South Point Center

Do you ever “forget” about items that are in your closet?  Have a great week everyone!

How to wear a thrifted blazer


Wax On: Daring Denim and other Fall Trends

With this being the first official week of Fall, I’ve been kinda re-assessing my current wardrobe. This has become almost a “ritual” for me at the transition of each new season and it always ends the same way…. “Oh gosh I have NOTHING to wear”. (Please tell me I’m not alone with this).
Now, I’m not quite sure how this happens. I’d like to think that the “clothing fairies” have whisked away all of my fabulous items from the prior year but I’m afraid it is just me being fickle. Suddenly nothing seems worthy of wearing out…  And of course somehow this ends up equaling me “needing” something to wear and therefore needing something to buy!
So, here are the 3 current Fall trends that I am obsessing over and have actively started pursuing:
Leather Inspired Denim Leggings:
Leather is definitely making a come back this Fall.  And there are so many variations of the trend that it is easy to try….  Leather from head to toe, leather tops, leather skirts, leather pants and leather leggings.  So, I decided to give this trend a go with a couple of pair of leather inspired denim leggings by J. Brand.  These leggings aren’t actually leather but are waxed denim instead.  It’s a nice alternative to leather though — less of a price tag and more breathable.
Here are a couple of celebrity fashionistas rockin’ them out!
This is my newest color crush.  There is something about it that is very rich, regal.  It was all over the runways this fall and can be found just about everywhere — from boots to dresses (my current obsession) to purses to trousers to jeans.  There are lots of ways for you to incorporate it – no matter your personal style.  I actually just ordered the TopShop Peplum top (right photo) tonight.  Can’t wait to get it!
This trend is definitely in for Fall.  You’ll see this one everywhere as well – it is such a classic look.  I love the sense of elegance and femininity of it.  What’s great about this style is that it can be  applied in so many ways.  It can be worn more traditionally with a skirt but also looks great paired with jeans or a great pair of trousers.  And added bonus: this style works well for curvy and hourglass shapes, as it accentuates the waist.
So, what are your favorite Fall trends?  I’d love to hear from you so let me know!
Have a good weekend everyone!!