The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Well, this is my 2nd attempt at blogging from the beach. What I’m learning is… There are definite challenges to blogging from the iPad WordPress app. For instance, there isn’t an easy way to save a draft. So, despite me working on my blog entry all day – one silly slip up – and $#!? – I lost it all! Ugh. That’s the bad news… The good news is – I’m on vacation!

So, technology challenges aside, my first few days at the beach have been pretty awesome. The weather has been a little overcast, but that’s ok, because it’s not super hot and there’s been an extra breeze, which is great. And the forecast for the rest of the week is nothing but sunshine! Regardless of weather though, it’s just peaceful. There is something about the sound of ocean, the crashing of the waves… that’s calming – soothing. This is one of my favorite places.

I’ve spent most of my time by the pool or sitting on the beach: reading, listening to music and people watching (one of my favorite things to do). No trip to the beach (or anywhere really) is complete without a good dose of people watching. It’s just so entertaining.

The Good


I’m loving all of the neon brights, vibrant stripes and colorful accessories. From bathing suits, to cover ups, to hats, to beach towels, umbrellas and chairs. It’s just festive! And I love it! I have a couple of bright tankinis (pink/green and green/yellow) that I’ve been sporting and this awesome pink floppy hat (by D&Y)!

20120627-093634.jpg Hats tend to rule for me at the beach (I packed 5 for goodness sake). And they are perfect for an evening out after a full day at the beach. The fedora is my absolute go to! (Fedora from Target)



The Bad – The Ugly

That said, I guess you have to take the good with the bad. There will always be those that push the fashion limits. And for some reason, you find that even more so at the beach. But, you know, I don’t know if that’s such a bad thing. I mean, there will always be the guy in the European style speedos, there will always be the guy who looks like he’s wearing a fur coat on his back and of course you know there will ALWAYS be metal detector guy. And yes, maybe they tend to fall into our fashion “don’ts” category but, the truth is, people at the beach are much more comfortable with who they are and more accepting of others. So, maybe, in the end, it’s really not such a bad thing. Maybe in the end, everyday should be a beach day…. The good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Well, I’m at the midpoint of my trip. I have yet to do any real shopping so that my next major task. More to come in a few days…. Happy Hump Day!