Faux Fur and Leopard Booties

DSC_0043If you are a regular reader of the blog, you know that I’ve been feverishly trying to get all of my last winter weather items in before the official start of spring.  Obviously, I am very quickly running out of time so this may very well be my last post where I feature something that is truly winter-esque!  I have to admit though that I am  a little over winter anyway.  It’s been a huge tease all season and now as we get close to the end….  it decides to show up.  Yep, I’m over it — I’m ready to start tackling those spring trends!!

DSC_0013But until then…  I thought I’d feature my final winter look.  I picked up this faux

fur from Nordstrom Rack prior to the end of the year last year.  At about $35, I thought it was a steal!  Mind you…  it is a little big and the sleeves are unusually long (note the photo where I mysteriously look like I have no right hand!!)

DSC_0016But overall, I like the jacket.  I mean it’s certainly not bad for $35 bucks!  I also love these leopard booties.  I decided to pair the two together just to give the look a little more edge.  While I am retiring the fur for awhile, please know you’ll be seeing much more of the booties!

DSC_0034What I’m Wearing: Sanctuary Surplus Faux Fur, Project Social Tee, Victoria Secret’s Skinnies, Adrienne Vittadini Leopard Booties, Chloe Bag, and the ever present J. Crew Statement Necklace

Are you ready for spring?  What last minute winter pieces are you getting in?  DSC_0026

Where Am I: Mac’s Speed Shop


33 thoughts on “Faux Fur and Leopard Booties

  1. Who doesn’t love a good sale! Especially when it looks great on you (and it does ) not too mention the price!. I think you should wear them soon…times running out;)

  2. I wonder if you can hem those sleeves (I’m no expert, mind you. I have a blazer whose sleeves really should be hemmed but I just haven’t gotten around to doing it) because it’s such a great coat!

    Oh, and yes, I’m super excited for spring 😉

    FashionEdible Blog

    • Thanks Cee! I’m definitely ready. We got a tease of warmer weather Monday and Tuesday but it’s back on the cool side today!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!

      xo, Kenya

  3. First thought, fierce! I love this farewell to winter look. I think you got a great deal. Take it to a tailor to get the adjustments you want and it will be a classic piece for years to come.


  4. Isn’t it funny? We want the cold weather to get over as soon as possible, but then when it looks like it actually is, we gotta get the right wear out of our cool-weather clothes! ;o) Love the boots!

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